Van failed CT

My trusty Kangoo van failed the CT. The cost to bring it back to standard is not worth it. What is the best and correct way to dispose of it? thanks for any helpful information.

Drive it to a registered breakers yard. They will do all the paperwork and give you a certificate of destruction so you can get the insurance cancelled


People I know have been given weight payment, not a lot , but maybe enough to get a taxi home.

Thanks Mark. does that cost anything?

Thanks Lilly.

If you take it, no. If they collect it, possibly

Thanks again Mark. It is still going well just failed the pollution. It has 323,000 km on the clock and owes me nothing.

You could also look at the government incentive to get older cars off the road and get people into ‘greener’ cars. Depending on your income you get a good few €1000 euros in trade in for a hybrid or electric car.