Vanilla costs more than Silver

Amazed me to read about the costs … glad the artisans are refusing to use synthetic stuff…

Perhaps someone with a greenhouse could start growing the orchids … got to be a money-spinner…

We love Snugburys. If ever we are in the area we go, even if it is the height of winter. We once had a weekend trip to the Lake District from London for my fathers birthday. That would have been enough driving on it’s own but we added an extra hour and a half to it just to detour to get an ice cream. Also, they make massive straw figures each year which are an attraction as well.

We recommend the damson and sloe gin ice cream!

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Sounds delicious… I still have a bottle of my 1995 sloe gin and a couple of sloe brandy… might try a trickle over ice-cream for a special dessert… :thinking::yum::yum:

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I grew up in an area where saffron buns were a local speciality. The cost of the saffron was always unbelievable.

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Reminds me of when my wife bought a sack of dried bugs to put out for the birds, more £/Kg than fillet steak!!
I nearly choked (metaphorically - not for real :slight_smile: )

They all pall into insignificance when compared with Botox.

100 units, which is approx 0.73ng (that is 0.73 billionths of a gram) costs the NHS about £230.

That’s £315 billion per gram.