Vanishing documents

Help! I spent ages on Sunday writing something, saved it and continued yesterday, finished, went to attach it to an e mail and it had disappeared. Started again, saved it, definitely, and I’ve just been to do some more and it’s gone again. Any ideas? This is Microsoft word 2007.

Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about Windows 7 but as I understand it, Windows 7 uses Libraries which hold links to your actual folders where your files are stored. The default libraries are Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos but you can add new Libraries of your own if you choose.
If you haven’t altered any of the default settings then when you save a word document it will be saved in your Documents Folder but linked via the Documents Library. If you’re quite happy with this then to access your word files simply open your Documents Library and find the file you want. This web link explains it better than I can:-

Hope this helps Wendy. Let me know if it doesn’t.

You’re too modest Roger! It’s Wondows 7.

Hardly a genius but glad it helped.
First thing we need to know is which operating system you’re using?
I ran XP for a few years and remember most of it but I’m now running Linux Ubuntu 11.04
so might be a bit rusty. However if we can’t fathom it there are several real genius’s with SFN that I’m sure will help.

Roger, you’re a genius! I’ve just found it, but where has it been?

Hi Wendy,
It’s been a while since I used Microsoft but if I remember correctly if you can’t find where it was saved then open Word 2007 and right click on File (top left on the tool-bar). At the bottom of this pop-up menu there should be listed the most recent files that you’ve worked on.Double clicking on it should open it.
Failing that, you should have the option via “My recent Documents” which should be an option from clicking on the START button on your desktop window.
I think that’s how it was in Windows XP but not sure if you are running Windows 7.
If Word isn’t saving your files to “My Documents” we need to check further as to why and where.
Good luck,