VDSL or OPTICAL internet. Have you moved over to it yet and do you find it any good?

As the title suggests I was wondering how people have got on with the newer forms of internet connection.

We received our ORANGE VDSL/OPTICAL box and set it all up a couple of months ago but found it very very slow to connect to the network if you were to cycle the power (like 5 mins slow) but once up and running it was fast and stable.

We could not keep the ORANGE box in the long run (we knew this would happen) as it had pants features that did not work well and in some cases work at all.

Thanks Carl.

VDSL IS copper wire at least at your end david. If your ISP has updated their local (to you) boxes then the higher speed VDSL may be available to you.

When we upgraded the price went down so it is work a look.


I'm sure this is very interesting Carl . However for the benefit of us old farts still relying on copper wire could you elucidate.