Vegetables Stolen from Gardens

We have just been talking to our neighbour, who is an orthopaedic surgeon, mainly working in Dijon and who bought his grandmother’s old house and renovated it.
Obviously, he cannot be here all the time and when he came for his days off, he found that his vegetable patch had been raided and everything taken.
It is too far away for us to see and there is a footpath running by the house, and ours incidentally too,but we have a dog!
I am wondering if anyone else has come upon such an awful experience.
We are in a Crise zone, but we have springs for watering our potagers, which others may not have, not that this an excuse.

Gracious, Jane…

One happening can be a link in a chain of events…

Might be worth mentioning at the Mairie… they usually make note of such happenings (at least ours do)… and then they know if it’s worth alerting gendarmes.

best of luck…

I will mention it to our Mayor, but a dog is the best bet.

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Jane… I’m not talking about protecting your property…

I’m talking about things possibly being related… thefts/vandalism/burglary… whatever…
and perhaps identifying those involved thus possibly stopping such things in the future…

who knows…
the Mairie in a small commune… is usually the hub for gathering such info…


I will also talk to our two other neighbours who are Counsellors and have gardens.
Also we are 7k from our village and things are a bit different from the village. and this is not a case for gendarmes, especially not from Cluny!

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Jane I wouldn’t make the assumption that this would not be of interest to the Gendarmes. It could easily be indicative of a wider problem they are aware of. Small bits of information going towards the bigger picture?
I wouldn’t hesitate to report it to them.

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That is terrible Jane. As bad as being burgled, depending on the victims thought train to feel violated. I would put money on it being by someone not far away, as they obviously knew the movements of your neighbour . But to take everything, and not just a bit, is despicable. I suppose now it is taken, they will not be back - until next year.

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We lost a crop of cherries before we moved permanently. A neighbour told us that we had had a wonderful crop, but when we arrived not a trace. (And if it was birds you usually find a few stones under the tree). The general feeling seemed to be that we were second home owners so better things got used than left to go to waste.

We also have had our frogs rustled, which is a police matter and the man was caught, sentenced to 6 months suspended and fined 3,000€ - this was not his first offense.

We have a solar powered piege appareil photo, which is camouflaged so can be tucked away discretely.

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You obviously have a different gendarmerie than the one in Cluny.

I think we can take it from your previous horror stories, Jane…

However, telling your councillors will at least get the information “noted”… might be useful… might not… but at least you won’t be left with that “if only we’d said something” feeling which sometimes arises… :hugs:

Already done.

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That is our assumption too.

Is there something you can do as a person too stop this I have people picking mushrooms on my land

I know that local woods have signs up saying private property no access (although I can’t remember the French for that)
and the land is securely fenced…

Perhaps you need a fence (if not there already)… and some signs… ???

But if folk are ignoring signs and fences… have a word at your Mairie…

best of luck…

I have been in Spain and and it happened some years ago in England to that land owners pointed shotguns at me is that legal here

of course no-one should be pointing a shotgun at you or anyone else…

Funny thing that time in England was with the Boy Scouts I think he was a game keeper and down in Spain it was som old farmer

It needs reporting to the gendarmes as soon as possible. There may be further issues in the area and the sooner they know, the better. Don’t be afraid to alert them, they will be glad of it

Propriété Privée

Défense d’Entrer

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No it isn’t. But as you seem to have done it in Spain and England maybe it is just Karma :grin:.