Vegetables Stolen from Gardens

A land owner don’t have any powers of moving them on then? I don’t mean with a gun

Trespass is a civil offense, not a criminal one. So the landowners do get very angry about it as they can’t ask the police to help. Instead they are often threatening to try to deter people as in some places farmers have lots of problems with people on their land - lighting fires, worrying animals, leaving litter and so on. They can shoot animals that are worrying their livestock only if there is no other action they can take.

If you are not on a public footpath the polite thing to do is apologise and leave.


They are erecting gates.

Not in Cluny they won’t.

l thought springs were subject to the same water restrictions, as they draw on the water table. l haven’t been using my well .

You are allowed to water your vegetable garden before 8am and after 8pm.
We also have a dripper system round our fruit trees.

3,000 Euro for rustling a frog?! Did it hail from Calaveras County, per chance? :wink:

Privé - pièges usually works :wink:

The fine was 1€ a leg…

That’s a lot of frogs, what did he intend doing with that amount???

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Probably wanted to hop off somewhere before he croaked

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That is, I must give you Wozza, interesting question of the month. Even I, a renowned know-all and inveterate pundit-sans-frontières, can’t come up with a response. Yet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know the Latin for frog BTW: rana, more than 1 including up to and beyond 3000, ranæ.


Well well. I’m quite shocked Considering your capacity for thinking out of the box, a more than agile mind and literary genius. Hey I’ve stumped a Goble on a dodgy wicket. You could say a gobley.

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If rana esculenta, eating them :cry:

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Yup, they are the prized and protected grenouille rousse, rana temporaria, with big meaty thighs. Which apparently are much better eating than the majority of frog legs on sale which are imported green frogs. I wouldn’t know as we don’t eat our friends… a local restaurant has signs up from time to time saying “fresh frogs legs today” and I am deeply suspicious.

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They don’t come meatier-thighed than this sweetheart who met us off the St Malo ferry à few years back. She stole my heart. And she appreciated our squeamishness about chewing her darling cuisses, as is evident from her welcoming banner.

Vive la France ! Vive les grenouilles françaises ! !


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It’s a long, lonely trudge back to the pavilion, Wozza, but you hit the middle stump with that craftily executed gobley on a weary wicket. Fair do’s, old chap.

But there will be another innings, and I shall stand at the crease again DV/insh’allah!

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Ha - thanks for the laugh and for the explanation of the fine.

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Really? How far have you taken it further? I’ve read your previous feed regarding your friend being shot, and quite shocking. I’m new to this, but it’s hard to accept, you sound so vulnerable, and you shouldn’t have to accept this nonsense. Only asking as to where you have taken it, certainly no criticism. On your side x

Do you mean stealing the vegetables, because I think that is up to our neighbour. I have just warned our other neighbours.
About Jerome being shot, his sister is an avocat and she is not giving up on this.
The name of the gendarmes who shot him have not been made public. No matter how bad we think things are in UK, this could never happen. It is because the gendarmes are part of the military. Appalling.