Vegetarianism is bad for your Health

I was sent this today from the DT.

The research suggests that vegetarians not only put their lives at risk but apparently that of their children and onwards.

Obviously I can only read the report and have not looked at the research and if it was April 1st I would be very suspicious but if it is not it is indeed "food for thought!"


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Fuller information here

I've read a lot of reports about how eating animal produce can damage your health and also reports about how going on a completely vegan diet has improved people's health and even cured their cancers.

Now one report will allow the writer of that article to ignore all the others and convince himself (and anybody else that wants to be convinced) that the amount of meat we eat these days isn't doing any damage to the planet or our health.

My nine year old is more likely to convince me to be vegetarian along with him :)

Quite! The author misrepresents the content of the report, which is why I posted the link to a fuller account of its conclusions. Most research seems to indicate vegetarians/vegans live longer. I'm not a vegetarian, but, unlike the author, I don't feel any need for "vegetarian knocking".

Q. Do vegetarians get cancer? Ans Yes.

Q. Do meat eaters get cancer? Ans Yes.

Q. do Muslims and Jews get cancer? Yes.

All the rest is BS to try and make the Author famous/rich.