Vehicle collection - how to change the Carte Grise from Normal to Collection

We / I am having trouble understanding ANTS, please can anyone help?
We have a 1984 Ford transit camping-car, we would like to change its status to a vehicle collection, and cannot make sense of the instructions.
Has anyone done it before successfully and could help please?
Thanks Barry

Barry… is it already registered here in France ? If not it’s the FFVE route.

This site tells you how to change the French CG to CG Collection (for want of a better wording)

Sorry. Barry… I suppose you have checked this site already and this is what you cannot understand.

There will be places that can do this for you (norauto I think etc)… why not have a word with them…

Barry has asked about this before and it is already French registered, he just wants to change it to a VdC Carte Grise.

He might as well chat with Norauto… or whoever then… they do this sort of thing for about 25€ I think…

Thank you both, my french is not good for the ANTS site, I will find a Norauto and see wether they can understand me, and I them.

You should be able to find someone to do the paperwork fairly easily as it’s already French registered and will be more straightforward than importing a UK car.

Talked with a French friend today… he is in the throes of changing his Mini to Collection.

Because it was not 30 years old when he bought it and imported it … he registered it as CG Normal… now, it has come of age…

He contacted FFVE… they gave him a form to complete and quoted various things they needed… before issuing their “Document”.

Now he has received the Official Document from FFVE… and he plans to go to one of the local places (next week) where he will pay a small fee… and get the change done on-on-line by them (whoever they may be…:hugs:

Barry: I did this exact thing 2 weeks ago. Switched my regular ‘carte grise’ for my 1958 2CV to a vehicule collection. I have a degree from Stanford but figuring out their system is my greatest accomplishment. Let me know if you’d like to chat and I’ll show you exactly what I did and share my screen with you (if you have Skype for example). My email is Happy to help. P.S. The first thing you HAVE to have is an attestation from the FFVE that your car qualifies to be a vehicule de collection. I applied for mine in FEBRUARY and got it at the end of JULY. So this is not a fast process!

P.S. To my knowledge the ‘local’ carte grise services do NOT handle this particular process of switching the carte grise to the vehicule collection. (At least not where I live). You have to do it online (which is beyond crazy complicated). But I figured it out and I can explain it to you no problem!

Yep… as I have said… you will have to go the FFVE route to get their Attestation…

check their website… they always have quite a delay…currently quoting 14 weeks… but are very helpful (in my experience)…