Velo Electrique

I'm in the process of becoming a Camping-carist and (not being a fitness fanatic) would like some form of additional transport to visit town centres, tourist attractions or W.H.Y. The Camping-Panzer

has a built in Scooter rack and also a rack for velo's and the thought crossed my mind that I could do without a heavy great scooter and that a pair of Velo electrique would fit the bill.

The radius of action would not be greater than 5Km and they seen to be reasonably priced. i.e €299 from Carrefour.

Does any body out there have any experience with these beasts (the Camping Panzer and the Velos)

great response. Thanks! Will make a new thread and copy your response into for starters Jeannette.

And thanks Roger. The problem is he does not have a car permis. We are Canadian, not English, so no swap. I had to do the full classes and written/driving exam to get a French permis and John has been far to ill to consider it. My first thought was one of those little no license cars, but they are very expensive! and no feeling of being free as one is on a bike or scooter.

The 3 wheeler Velo’s are still a assistance in otherwords you still need to pedal, a search for ‘Scooter 3 roues’ only gives me mobile wheel chairs but if you want something a bit more adventurous how about this:Quad link Capable of on and off road use, and drives on a car permis? cant find any 50cc 3 wheel scooters but there may be some out there!!

Hi Roger and Jeannette,

Gosh, the prices and choice on German ebay are amazing.

Not to hijack your thread Roger, and if you have a reply Jeannette, maybe we should start a new thread - but I’m interested in your comment Jeannette on ‘usually a three wheeler’ as I’d love to find a no license required (which usually means under 50cc) tricycle for my husband. He still likes to get out a bit, but as he becomes more frail I’m thinking three wheels is safer than two and he needs a scooter now, not something needing pedaling.

Do you know how I might find such a thing?


I had a look at the German ebay site, some good stuff available there, last year I actually bought my camping -car in Germany agreed no problems, ATM i am researching if it isnt better to buy a scooter for 2 up about 125cc but not sure if my permis A is good without further tests etc, I know that holders of permis B need to take a further instruction and test before using a 125 scooter, just wondering if that applies if you have permis A?

But maybe I need to remember that the Boss isnt 17 (or 60kg either!) anymore and that the thought of her hanging off the back of my Lambretta isnt a step too far into the past :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m looking for a basic Bike with a much shorter range and my max price is C€400.

Hi Roger,
If you are still looking we have a top quality men’s electric velo for sale. It cost around 1800 euro new but we’d be happy to get somewhere near 1000.

It has a very long range, around 105 km. And certainly is a light as you can get an electric velo, unless you go up to 3000 euros or so for full carbon frame.

Here’s more info from an email to a friend about it and links on the bike

It’s an e-motion by BH, Sport Deluxe 2009 model with Panasonic power. It comes with top ratings as it turns out.

We did not research a lot but Bruno in the bike shop did as he knew John wanted the ‘most like a real bike’ electric bike possible and many of the electric bikes are just silly, heavy, horrible handling things.

Three sales points Bruno made for us to wait to get one of these (there was a waiting list) are:

  1. with the battery just behind the bottom bracket the weight is in the middle so does not disturb handling. Lots of them have the battery further back (most often I’ve seen them above the bike wheel like on a the old racks we used to put our books on) it really changes the way the bike handles.
  2. Longer duration battery.
  3. Light weight and overall handling closest to a real road bike.

It’s an aluminium frame with a carbon fibre fork for light weight and a better ride.

This is the bike:

NOTE: The bike now has straight handlebars, put on to sell it, as more people are comfortable with that style than the downturned racer style.

Here’s a page with reviews’_Guide.html
It won a contest to climb Alp d’Huez - a very famous Tour de France climb:

And a discussion page. The last review, by Phil (onbike) is on the exact bike. Phil sells them, and the review was written by a happy customer.

So where was that new offer today?

Yeah… spitting teeth here.

how annoying!

Sold …To someone else :frowning:

Thanks Catherine that looks like a bargain. just E-mailed him for more info, forgot to mention ‘Survive France’ tho’. Sorry!

Roger have you seen this - might be of interest xx

Sounds as if you have tried one? at the higher price you quoted I would go for a small 50cc or 125cc Scooter and have an unlimited range, but for just popping to the boulangerie from the Aire de Service. I,m still waiting for a 36V 250W machine with a Pb battery @ €350 which would be sufficient for my needs.

I use a tiny folding bike when I go out in my camper. The velo electric is an attractive idea but “real” ones start at around 1000€. The supermarket ones have all the right words on the spec but are misleading (eg 250W is the maximum motor rating not the actual power output etc)

If you do go down the supermarket route, look for ones with Li-ion battery and hope that the motor lasts more than a couple of outings - after sales is non-existent and your local bike shop won’t be able to source the spares you’ll need. You could end up with a VERY heavy bike and no electric assist.

I take that as a NO then?