Vendage has begun!

The grapes are ready and vandage has began…I believe.
Any vandage parties around in 24/33?

It’s very early for the Bordeaux area to start picking, normally it’s the middle of September. I know the Champagne region started on Saturday but they’re usually the first anyway.

very early a month earlier than usual

It’s been that sort of year… resulting in the crop being ready unexpectedly early in many areas…

White will be sometime this week… and Red in a fortnight… depending…

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According to France 3 Aquitaine it hasn’t started in Bordeaux but will start maybe a little earlier than usual. Vendange parties I suspect are probably a thing of the past. Mechanical harvesters seek no treats save for a little diesel from time to time.

Be good when the supers start gettin’ rid of t’ ‘old stuff’, our cave needs toppin’ up :slightly_smiling_face: