Venison bourguignon with roasted garlic mash recipe

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  • 1 cup red wine stock?
    I’ve never encountered a ready made wine and stock mix.

I mix up my own…
red wine with whatever comes to hand…
sage, thyme, black pepper… any other herbs that take my fancy…
blob of butter

adds a certain something to all sorts of dishes… :woozy_face:


Ooh, as easy as that.

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Lunch Thursday then V?

In winter, dried herbs… I pour the wine over them in a dish/jug whatever and leave the whole thing to work its magic… (soften up the herbs) then when ready to use, I add small bits of butter and keep stirring it into the dish of stuff… so the butter melts

or else leave the wine mix in a jug/bowl on the rad… the warmth encourages the dried herbs to soften and the butter oozes and then it’s just a quick stir before adding to whatever.

I use ground garlic if fresh is not available… that also improves by being warmed/blended beforehand…

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Thanks for the tips

Boiling the wine down so it is well reduced before you do anything else to it is good too, as is the addition of a bit of dried orange peel to your stew (peel orange, stick peel on radiator, bingo :blush: do lots, it’ll smell lovely and you’ll have a years’ worth to put in a jar.
Bon ap’!

Garlic is best used by being blended with salt, just use the back of a knife to turn it into a creamy paste and no one will get the annoying bits.
Roasted garlic heads turn into a lovely caramelised flavour, just pop them out of their skins.

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Red wine isn’t stock, it is used as a marinade, then stock can be added as you cook the dish.

@Jane_Williamson … not allowed to add salt…

and we use red wine with all sorts of herbs, in place of what you might consider “stock”…

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me neither… MTs mantra on every visit to him = “salt is your enemy”

For those without heart conditions, you only need to use a little salt and, of course, you can put less into your dish.

I like the look of this recipe as we both love venison. When we lived in Stroud, in the early days of the farmer’s market there, one of the stalls was dedicated to game, which is where we first came across the concept of venison steaks rather than the tough stuff that went into casseroles. However, the chap running the stall got a jobworking for Prince Charles and the stall was no more.

Since coming to France, I’ve had a terrible job finding anything in the way of game although packs of diced venison for stews appear occasionally in supermarkets. I used to love pan-fried pigeon breasts where you deglazed the pan with red wine…

What I’m coming to with this ramble is - is the lack of game around here a regional thing? Most regulars here seem to live a lot further south than us in Normandy. Or am I just not looking i the right places, as is so often the case for me? (I have checked all the local markets by the way…)

The local chasse always have venison, sanglier, etc … get to know them… :wink:

and half the fun of cooking is taking a recipe as a basic idea… and giving it a go, using whatever ingredients you have to hand… and, of course, amending to suit one’s own preferences/needs/restrictions. :hugs:

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I agree with the idea of playing with recipes! I shall take up your suggestion of the chasse - our local post lady is one of them…

Talk to the local chasse!:grin:

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That’s what Stella said so it must be right :rofl: