Veolia Standing Order

(Tim Clayton) #1

We get our water supply from a well but are also connected to mains water. We are charged around 17 Euros per month standing order. We have a fosse septique. Do people think this is a fair standing order. We keep the mains connection in case the well runs dry.
Thanks in advance.


(stella wood) #2

I get a bill twice a year, for a property connected to the water and sewage works… despite no water having flowed since 2012… Latest bill is 54,22 for water and 44,00 for sewage treatment = total bill 98,22. (just under 200€ per year)

Perhaps you are being charged similarly, despite (as in my case) not actually using any water or mains drainage…

Check your bill to see exactly what they are charging you for… be interesting to know…


(stella wood) #3

Just a thought… has your well ever run dry ??? and how many years have you been using it ???


(Warren Joiner) #4

Here’s a thought too.
If you have any water fountains in near villages that have running water all year round. Buy a trailer water bowser & a suppressor pump, couple it into you house cold water system.
@ 17€ a month you’d pay for the whole set up in a couple of years. Though if the well dries up you may have to take a few trips to the fountain.


(Tim Clayton) #5

Thanks Stella. I think my charge is a payment for being connected, but I see that I did use some water in the summer drought when the well ran dry briefly. Thanks for your help.


(Tim Clayton) #6

Thanks Warren will consider that.