Vet question

This morning I took our latest stray to be spayed.
When I returned to pick her up the vet told me she was already sterilised! My first thought was, Mr." we are not having anymore pets" will be pleased that the bill will be minimal, wrong! The vet said she still opened up puss because she was not sure the scar was for a sterlise op. It made sense at the time, but on reflection would I be right in thinking that said op would surely leave a recognisable scar to a vet? The vet informed me she had to make a larger incision than normal, not sure why, but apparently that is the costly part rather than the removal of “bits”
Puss is just getting her land legs again (she is so cute) but given me the evil eye and cuddling up to my husband…typical!

Rip off - she should have given the cat an echograph before operating.

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Twice bitten with this practice, never again.
My vet could not do it until the middle of March!

Don’t they normally check whether the animal is pregnant before operating with an echographie? I’m not surprised you’re not impressed.

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Oops… just seen your reply Simon!

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Luckily we have never had anything other than fantastic service and value from vets here, we went to a new vet on Wednesday to make an appointment for our puppy’s vaccinations and were able to see him straight away as he had had a cancellation, 66E which included an exam, the jabs and a pet passport.

We had a stray many years ago in the UK and the vet at the time said he was pretty certain that she was spayed and offered us to take what he thought was an unlikely risk of an unwanted pregnancy. She never did get pregnant. Perhaps its an experience thing as surely she didnt have to tell you and you wouldn’t be any wiser. I should think the anaesthetic and associated care is fairly expensive. Not very nice for the cat to have an unnecessary operation!

To be honest this cat is only the second female that has lived with us for the last 45 years. Making sure she was spayed was paramount so I went with the vet that could see her ASAP.
I wish I had known that an echocardiogram was an option,my ignorance :pensive: Maybe the vet told me about the extra large incision in case I questioned it? I have only managed a quick glance at her tummy (she is still wary)