Viager property sale

I have a beautiful 200 year old Stone Farm house which I would like to sell on the VIAGER SYSTEM
advice given to me by my lawyer friend of over 20 years.

Please PM me
Many thanks.

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Hello Laraine, may I suggest you take your email address off this posting as this is a very public forum seen all round the world and you may get spam as a result.
You can ask people to PM you and then they can communicate with you privately.
Just a suggestion.
Good luck with this.


Just out of interest are you seeking advice here or trying to find an investor? If the latter a few photos would help.

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Hi Mat, I am trying to find an investor.


Is that Better Mat.


Hello Laraine - I obviously don’t know what your ‘lawyer friend’ has advised, or what his legal background may be, but I don’t understand your concept of ‘the investment would be for approximately 15 years’. There is no set time limit involved in a viager sale - the purchaser takes possession of your property when you die. It is not normally referred to as an investment, for that reason! It is for the purchaser to assess (with professional actuarial advice) how long it may take for this to happen, and the price offered will be based on this waiting time (known as the ‘bouquet’), as will the amount of any rent paid to you.
Do you know that you can get free advice from a French notaire? You really must do so before you start advertising your property.

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As the wonderful story of Jeanne Calment teaches us.

In 1965, aged 90 and with no heirs left, Calment signed a life estate contract on her apartment with civil law notary André-François Raffray, selling the property in exchange for a right of occupancy and a monthly revenue of 2,500 francs (€380) until her death. Raffray died in 1995, by which time Calment had received more than double the apartment’s value from him, and his family had to continue making payments. Calment commented on the situation by saying, “in life, one sometimes makes bad deals”

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Indeed - I was just going to post that, you beat me to it by seconds.

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Michael, I cant find how to edit my post. I wanted to delete the 15years.

Use the pencil icon.

May I suggest that it would help if you not only deleted the 15 years, but also provided much more information. Where is your house, for example. How many bedrooms/baths. Village/town/countryside? That sort of thing.
It would comfort all of us on the Forum to know that you had talked through your plans with your notaire - or at least plan to do so before the possibility of someone contacting you regarding a sale. You don’t want to end up in any kind of situation that you don’t know how to handle . . . with all the problems that might result.

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Micheal can you pleas Pm on do i edit my post

Just click on the little (rather faint) pencil icon on the bottom right-hand side of your first post. This puts your post back into a box that you can write more in, or delete, as you please.

I have done that but nothing is happening Thank you

Oh dear - the wonders of technology, Laraine! I cannot send you a message through Messenger, because that’s a FaceBook facility (and I don’t ‘do’ FB!). Why don’t you PM me throught this site - just left-click on my name - and then on the ‘message’ icon. Look forward to trying to help.

When you click on the pencil icon a box should pop up with your original post in it, you edit it and then click save edit.
If you are not getting the pop up edit box your browser must be blocking pop ups.

Hi Micheal, I know that the period is not for 15 years, I know it is for life, it was my mistake and know I can 't edit it. I just cant find the pencil iron. there is one on my initial post on the right top but when I click nothing happens.
How do I delete the whole post, and start again with more info.

You should have a pencil icon next to the link icon, three dots and reply arrow as in the picture below.

It looks like Griffin may be right, and you have your browser set to block pop-ups . . . . I suggest that you post a message to admin and ask for help to clear or amend your post, as you prefer - James@admin

You want me to delete the entire post @Laraine_Bashford ?

You have already edited once to remove your email, just do it like that :slight_smile: