Vichy French

(Steve Cox) #1

I recently came across an article that appeared to show that the Vichy French actively fought against Allied forces in Syria and Lebabanon in WWII. I had always understood that the Vichy French were purely a collaborative "government" set up by the Nazis when France was overrun. Am I misunderstanding and can anyone point me to where I can find out more. TIA

(Anthony Storr) #2

Steve , An excellent read is "Englands last war against France'.

Very interesting and informative.

(John Martin Bradley) #3

Not just there either. And don't forget we sank their fleet - for good reason.

(Roger Bruton) #4

Have a read about Operation Torch - - an eye-opener!

(Michael A. Nolan) #5

First impressions? Didn't know the Union flag was the property of England, or that it was England's war? Maybe if I took the time to investigate further, but then I am not writing a book, thoroughly based on fact from a neutral point of view. Would it sell?