Victorian Britain returns to the world of today

Dave Cameron has just launched this:

New Big Society fund is launched

to me it smacks of Victorian philanthropy deciding who was needy and deserved to be saved from the mines, etc. Does anybody feel they want to live in the UK the present generation of politicians has produced? I think we can start with Blair and think up until the present and not pick on a party or ideology and actually you do not even need to be 'British' to have a view.

it used to be saving children from mines, now deserving businesses with this fund. 150 years ago the families suffered after their children's income was gone after the 'rescue'. now what is in store for the people rescued by this fund who are economically up against the wall, is all false hope and promises? one might suspect so and see yet another one of 'those' well intentioned plots go to the wall because the people running the show have no idea what it is like on the ground.