Villa for sale

My friend and neighbour in our Domaine has decided to reduce the price of her Villa. It is now approximately 490,000 euros. Not cheap but 4 bedrooms, totally newer and finished and 7 km from the sea. The Villa is 6 years old, large finished garden in a gated community and only lived in a few months per year. She was widowed several years ago and thought this 4 bedroom Villa was downsizing. It is too much for her and she wants to sell. She is British and wants to stay in the UK. This is quite a good deal as it cost a lot more than she is asking. Let me know if you are seriously interested. I can provide details but look up Frejus, France. I am not an agent and she has done private deals in the past.

Here are some photos of my friend's Villa. I have other photos but the space is limited to 7 mg. I forgot to mention that the Villa will be sold fully furnished.![](upload://coOcLfprqEd4fegRdv61cZ6FhKi.jpg)

Can you provide for details/photos David?