Village art

We were out and about yesterday, on a 41km bike ride in the Marais-Poitevin, and spotted this funny little chap stood to attention outside a village mairie. He really got me thinking - why is he there and why does water pour from every possible orifice? I have attended a few committee and planning meetings down at our mairie, so know a bit about what goes into making a decision. I would love to have been in this village meeting when the discussion turned to the new piece of art.

“I think it should be a statue”

“No, a fountain, everyone loves a fountain”

How about a statue that is a fountain?”


“Anyone for a pastis?”

I, know, Brussels has that little boy fountain, the one that wees!”

“We can’t copy that, it has been done before”

“Yes, but people travel for miles to see him, think of the tourism”

“Well, lets add an extra hole!”

“Good idea, but better than that, how about we add more than one extra hole?”

“Yes, fantastique! We could have the water pouring out of every available orifice!”

“I’m in, shall we vote on it?”

“Right, who is for another pastis?”

“Now, how about the colour?”

“I think it should conservative and in keeping with village”

Have just had an update on next years Pussifolies, will be on June 9th. There will be 30 4x2 mtr canvases painted on the day, shadow puppeteers, a magician and lots of other bits. Would really recomend it if you are close enough for a visit.

Thanks Bernadette, I will let you know when we decide to visit!

It is worth going on the day they do the painting, there are street performers and other things to do - including lunch at the Salle de Fetes. And you watch the paintings emerge over the course of the day. This year the paintings come down on September 30th. We are a small village (no bars or cafes) so if you decide to visit please let me know, you are more than welcome to drop in for a coffee or glass of wine.

That has to be the best street art event I have seen Bernadette, thanks for sharing. We are south of Poitiers, so not too far. It is on my places to visit list, thanks!

We have the Pussifollies - - the local artists spend a day in June painting 2x4mtr canvases which stay up until the end of September. Last years were donated to a hospital when the exhibition was taken down.

Good idea Ross, I am also quite taken by roundabout art too!

I think every village should have some more modern public art, maybe a competition should be set up for this?