Violence at protests in Paris

Paris is fine. I live here. If it were to become nearly as bad as London, during the IRA bombings, then, I still would not worry, as I lived through them. Please, do not give these people support but publicising what they do.

Who are you referring to @tigger The public?

Or even the Brixton riots - which this sad business is very reminiscent of.
At the time I lived in Clapham which is not that far from from Brixton but I wouldn’t have known what was going on but for seeing in in the news. These things tend to be very localised, but when you’re not there and you read about it you imagine the whole city must be affected. My mum used to ring up every night to see if I was OK, bless her.
I’m showing my age now…

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See Anna’s comment, James, which I thoroughly agree with. The trouble is that people (especially Americans) completely misunderstand the situation here, in consequence tourism is down by a lot and businesses are being hurt.

It’s true. Anti-immigration politicians in the US are using the unrest as a tool to forward their agenda. But let’s not pretend that the political Right in Europe does not use the same tactics. It’s the Us-Against-Them Playbook that’s been in use for hundreds…thousands…of years and requires constant vigilance to defend against.

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Is it safe then? I only ask as my son and his girlfriend are going there on Tuesday until Sunday. Obviously I am a bit concerned.