Visa extension help! Date of entry stamp?

Hello, I hope someone can help me! I currently have a long stay visa and I applied to extend my residency visa “titre de séjour.” I entered France Dec 13th but my long stay visa started Jan 7th. The prefecture is asking for a date of entry stamp the day my visa began, but I only have one on Dec 13th. As a US citizen, I could enter the country before Jan 7th. I was also able to validate my visa. But now they are asking for a date of entry stamp on Jan 7th, which I do not have. I am worried they will deny me because of this technicality. Has anyone been in this situation? There is no information that I can find which says what I did was not acceptable. Thank you!

Did you ever contact the French Embassy in Washington as was suggested on the other thread you started ???

Yeah, but they have not responded. The situation is so specific so I am curious if anyone else has had a similar problem.

Talk to them. Usually talking to people sorts things out. Keep trying, it isn’t up to them to chase you.
Unless there’s some weird reason or you have multiple nationalities and eg stamps in the passport which doesn’t correspond to the visa it should be straightforward.

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