Vitamins / supplements?

Has he thought of doing a cure? You get prescription from GP and much of the costs will be covered, plus if low income your travel and a minute contribution towards accommodation.

3 weeks where you spend time focusing on de-stressing and health. With kids may not be quite so easy…


Try Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil. Best sprayed onto the soles of the feet and massaged in - the magnesium is much better absorbed into the body this way than with tablets.

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Jim has had a problem before now, it doesn’t seem to be a continuing problem.
Good luck.

No, not really -it’s a bit of myth.

Healthspan, way to go. Been using them for 20 years.

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If anyone doesn’t believe this they should just take a loooong bath in Epsom salts (magnesium, I believe). Soon after they will rapidly be able to convince themselves magnesium can be absorbed transdermally :slight_smile:

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Magnesium Sulphate MgSO4 (actually Epsom salts are the heptahydrate).

The sulphate is not absorbed by the gut either but produces an osmotic diarrhoea (which is why Epsom salts are a treatment for constipation). Other magnesium compounds such as the hydroxide, glycerophosphate or aspartate (C8H12MgN2O8) are better absorbed but all of them can be poorly absorbed in some individuals and tend to produce diarrhoea as an unwanted effect.

I used to take vitamin supplements regularly for decades. Last summer my bloods went haywire. My doctor decided I had had a viral liver infection and that I should give it two months and then have a full blood test again. This I did and sure enough things were back to normal.
At the same time she told me to stop taking supplements as they were totally unnecessary. I am not convinced but have cut right back and now only take omega 3 and D.

If you eat a good diet, spend enough time outside, and have no medical disorders which affect your absorption of necessary minerals and vitamins then people don’t really need supplements. So I agree with your doctor. But feeling that you are doing something to support your health can give you the mental boost you need so probably no harm done in most cases - although things like echinacea and st johns wort can have some important contraindications.

I used to take evening primrose oil, but then I realised I didn’t need to buy it as a supplement but instead make my own breakfast granola that has oats and flax seed which contains gamma linolenic acid. And much nicer than a pill!

(I do have to supplement with Vit D as I can’t retain it.)

Thoroughly agree. Except that unfortunately these days very few of us do so. (1) the minerals present in soil have been depleted for generations due to modern farming methods (even bio farms) (2) modern retailing means that even fresh, unprocessed foods have been grown to be appropriate for a long shelf life. (even bio / local / markets) and if the product has been sitting on a shelf for any length of time there is loss of nutrients.

The nature of the western diet these days means that the gut biome is greatly depleted in terms of variety and complexity, which means our capacity to take the best from our food has been reduced.

There is a world of difference between having “no medical disorder” and being really healthy - sadly few of us know what real health is.

Certainly, supplementation is a poor alternative, not least because we understand so little about the complexity of interactions between the minerals / vitamins / enzymes that we need. But, given the poor quality of our diets, maybe supplementation is the least worst scenario, until the science gets better at all of this - and it will.


I agree that soil quality has affected the levels of vitamins in food - but if you eat a good range then there is enough to meet your daily needs. I still think it’s better to encourage people to eat more veg than more pills.

I had my biome tested as concerned that it would be rubbish with the drugs I take, and there are lots of emerging links between gut biome and inflammatory diseases. But it is just fine! So another big plus about eating lovely french unpasteurised cheese!

I’ve learnt not to look at people’s caddies in supermarkets as it just upsets me…so many wasted opportunities for better health. The major food companies have a lot to answer for!

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The magnesium does help with my wandering legs and the chondoitrin and glucosamine definitely helps my knee.
We grow a lot of our own vegetables and fruit, plus our own eggs, so there is very little shelf life and transport is measured in metres.

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After having kidney stones a few years ago, I now take Chanca Piedra – Pedra Quebra (stone crusher) daily.
Touch wood, I haven’t had a reoccurrence.

I buy them from here:

Same for OH. Does not work for everyone, but he’s delighted.

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I will pass this on to my friend who keeps getting them.
Thank you.

So agree Jane - they are no better than the tobacco companies! :rage: are good quality and reliable plus they ship from Jersey, so no duty and if a repeat order, no delivery charges either ( French fishing boat blockade allowing!)
It’s difficult to make direct comparisons with suppliers as quality and purity varies enormously between suppliers. If its cheap and unknown, at best it could be ineffective.
I wouldn’t trust the quality of stuff from Amazon as they allow any old rubbish to be sold on their platform.

This is a brilliant thread, thanks. I was thinking of posting something myself as I need vitamins etc now.

I want to sing the praises of apple cider vinegar.


I use It’s mainly for bodybuilders, but they have vitamins and minerals, and very nice organic mulberries. Free p & p over 40 Euros.

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