And again VLOG.....had to look it up! thinking it must be another wordy-fusion..."very big lump of wood for chopping?"

Luckily the Wikimeister General had it in a one...it's one of those web-u-like combos, a blend of the words Video and Blog. Great, so now I know. Just need to check back to remind myself what Blog woz. Oh yes, an amalgam ( hey! ) of Web and Log...which should be, to my view WLOG! But no matter.

I can't really be doing with any of these new words and phrases, at all. Never, did I 'run it up the flag pole to see who saluted' and to witness a boardroom full of suits all agreeing that something was 'a no brainer' guaranteed an extra 2O quid on the invoice, every time it was uttered.

All loyal SFNers were invited to experience the professional VLOG, when the Christmas 'My husband and I" was piped into our living rooms and we certainly saluted and cheered. A superb piece of cinematography shot in one take, I am informed. Although the four hours editing in imovie, did push release very close to the deadline.

We have also young Mike (?) the Vlog, who is Vlogging all over France on his motorbike using, to great effect, his Hemet Cam. WARNING do not attempt to Google the words 'Hemet Cam', without the appropriate Parental controls engaded.

So, why the interest in Vlogging? Well, for me, I have decided to stop typing, altogether. My speling is atrosh..attrociou..artroctio...attroshu...dierbol..dyaboli..dieab..very poor. And unlike many of you journos out there, I do not type by touch.

More importantly, pour moi, my vehicle for expression is that of humour ( I do think I am most amusing ) which rarely comes over in the written worm. I am more of your pub raconteur, where the tools of ....timing, intonation, the appropriate raise of an eyebrow, all pull together to make an evening with Ronnie Birks a pleasurable experience. I suppose having an attentive crowd of p*ss heads who will laugh at anything helps a little too.

So, I shall, from now on in, be Vlogging in my entries. Straight from the Mac-a-tron, even on the hoof, (not not horseback ) on walkabout. IN anticipation of the days when we will all be wearing our 'headcams' I'm thinking of starting a Group VLOGBOX a collection of Video 'on the spot' reportages of fun and info. I've already designed the VLOGO ( see what I mean...lead balloon ).

Coming to your screen soon.

So having ran it up the flag pole, any joiners saluting?

This is the captain's VLOG stardate 2012, VLOGGING off for now. And until the next time, he who VLOGS last...has probably missed the boat, or is too tight to buy a web cam.


is that a scrabble hi score?