Volume control on toolbar not working

I didn’t notice it until yesterday when I was in a Skype conversation with my son, but I noticed that the volume when I hovered over the icon was showing 92% but when I tried to increase it I couldn’t get the volume scale to appear.

Any ideas?

You need to provide a bit more there @Spardo
OS and machine might be a good starting point…

It is a Dell Latitude E 6410 laptop on Windows 10 and Firefox

Is it set to the right output device?

If you click the volume control it has the current output device shown.

If you right click and choose “Open sound settings” you will get a few more knobs to twiddle.

Nothing happens when I click the icon, Paul, except a slight change in illumination of the Firefox icon further to the left on the toolbar. Right clicking produces nothing at all.

@Graham_Lees I’ll try that in a while Graham, but it is not really Skype that I am bothered about, I rarely use it, but I do need max volume for other things.

bin windoze and go Linux :wink:

You must be joking (though I know you are not :frowning_face:) , learning something new at my time of life? No way. :wink:

I did.
In truth, thee is very little to learn since most of what you probably use won’t change much…

While I had nothing else to do I accepted a popup invitation to update, and did.

After some heart stopping moments getting everything back…the volume control is working again now. :astonished: :slightly_smiling_face: