Voluntary contributions

Methinks I will need to buy some professional advice but on the offchance someone knows any answers I would be grateful. Bit of a long story.
UK national (spouse as well) relocated to England from the US to be closer to aging parents and with the plan to live in France. Parents in law live in Nice. I have a long association with France, lived there years ago, speak the language but now some dimwit UK politician gave the local populace in Blighty the right to vote away my legal right to live and work in Europe. All after we sold the house in Florida and moved with chattels and all. Anyhow.
I am paying voluntary contributions in the UK as unable to find work, not signed on and living off savings. There is a business brewing that could be operated in/from France but will not be ready to register till Sping next year after design, samples and pre-launch investigations are done.
To cover any detrimental Brexit outcome I have considered moving to France before Article 50 in the hope to be Grandfathered in to residency. We can live with the in-laws.
Is it possible to pay voluntary contributions in France as self-funded, not working nor retired(55yrs old)?
Presumably the 3 month health rule should allow medical coverage after that point as long as the top up is paid for?
With an attestation from my parents in law I should hopefully have no issues opening a bank account nor changing the address on my French driving license that I got a few years back?
Any thoughts?

After 3 months’ legal residence, if you’re “inactif” (ie not yet retirement age but not working) you can apply to join PUMA and pay contributions (nothing voluntary about them though!) based on household income. That gives you the normal state health cover, then you can take out top up if you wish. AFAIK there is no mechanism for paying pension contributions if you’re not working. But, to be “legally” resident in France, as an inactif you do need a minimum level of income. I’m not sure living completely off savings would meet the criteria for legal residence, which you need to meet in order to be eligible for healthcare. CPAM will want proof of income, tax returns etc as part of your dossier.


Thanks. I may have to start cleaning some gites to get on the radar!

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We are not retirement age, not working, living off savings and “legally” resident with healthcare. CPAM will require a lot of info though…
I’m afraid I don’t know the minimum level of income required, but you’d have to be exceedingly rich to make much at the current level of interest rates. We certainly aren’t…

Thanks Chris. It looks like the minimum required income for a couple is €800 a month. This may not be an issue for us as my wife has an income from the US based on a retirement entitlement and also some casual/part time work of around $1000USD. The earnings from savings we have would not cover a few cups of coffee in Nice! The other option is to go self employed but this could complicate matters if my business venture takes off as it would be totally different. Bloody Brexit.