Vote anonymous

for a long time I have been of the opinion that one of the best ways to get out of the mess we are in is to circumvent the established political systems. I have not voted for years and strongly believe that if everyone did the same it would scare the pants off them. I believe they don't care who you vote for - just that you vote and believe in the system - and that you convince yourself that you have a choice.

I don't believe we do. The choice is an illusion. Coke or Pepsi ? - both the same basic ingregients and both bad for you.

I came across something the group Anonymous is promoting and wonder if this offers us some hope, because things are real bad right now and we need to do something . Take a look:


no Katherine - I am talking about ALL elections (except perhaps the small local ones where the big agenda is not being played out)



Can you be a little bit clearer please? I assume {?} your talking about the UK leaving the EU referendum? but we are not all brits on this site...