Vote for Brexit

There is a legal challenge by solicitors to allow free access to vote.

Somebody not already registered in uk for voting cannot do so

Skewing the results for expats who will vote no to Brexit!!!!

Hi Claudia,

This is a worry. Could I ask from what source where you got this info? Please let us know.

I jumped on google and saw instructions on how to register to vote in the brexit - on "The Local" website for Spain, but the same should apply in France

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"If you last lived in England, Scotland or Wales, go to and fill in your data. All you need is your National Insurance number, passport details and date of birth. (Even if you don’t have an NI number, you can still register)." -this info was for expats who are still British Nationals

The UK gov website says expats must register by 7th June to vote for or against Brexit, so I hope this is still the case...

I saw this in the Connection. You can bring a mountain of id but if you wete not registered to vote in UK you cannot vote now

They fear the expats will tilt the issue towards no brexit.Lets wait for the legal challenge.

Don't worry Claudia,

This expat will be voting to LEAVE the EU, and I happen to know that I am not the only one who will do so as well.

Interestingly there was an article in The Telegraph a while ago which opinioned that the legal challenge could well end up being a shot in the foot for the Remain Campaign. The line of thought was that the legal challenge could well end up delaying the date of the referendum, and that the longer the referendum is delayed, then the more likely it is that the result will be in favour of LEAVING the EU. There is a reason why Cameron decided to have the referendum so soon. Remember that he could have picked any date up to the end of 2017. Logical to infer that Cameron knows that the best chance that the Remain camp have is for the referendum to be held as soon as possible, because delay gives more chance for people to see how the EU is working against UK interests. Consider the inability of the EU to deal with the migrant crisis -- and it is only likely to become worse. Then there is the detail of the EU/USA 'TTIP' agreement that is going to start to become apparent, with all it's ramifications for the NHS and private corporations being able to sue governments etc.

There is indeed a valid school of thought that says that the longer the referendum is delayed, then the more likely it is that Brexit will prevail, so my view is that the legal challengers are actually doing the LEAVE campaign a big favour without knowing it. Anyway, the legal challengers are only a vociferous minority of the larger Expat group, most of whom will not bother to vote even if the legal challenge allows them to do so.

Cameron chose the best possible time for the vote with many factors coming into play. School holidays won't have kicked in so the majority of voters will be available plus the weather shouldn't be too bad ie not too hot or cold and the maximum of the 'feel good' factor will hopefully kicking in with the vote being held the day after the remaining Group fixtures in France 2016 in which hopefully all the 'Home' nations will have done reasonably well. He's counting on England getting to the quarter finals which really IS a gamble !

You don't have to be a 'Torygraph' reader to suss out Mr Cameron..

Personally i do not mind uk leaving the EU. There is plenty stamina in the Brits and they have more than the french.

By the way its my Brit husband who will have his life made more difficult.

Did you see the pound drop ? Well it will pick up again no doubt.At the moment britbexports will boom anyway.I am not infuriated by the EU but i see its failings in various domains such as employment security of persons and brillant lifestyle of its servants

this space jumps up all the time...

what really matters is that some states such as Luxemburg have managed to attract so much investment at the expense if others. All the tax money missing from the other european coffers we are coerced into replacing it and we are poor taxpayers

i wrote two articles on it but the format is not downloadable here.

It was when Margaret Westager was appointed by J C Junker to investigate her boss!!!!

Probably the Mossac Fonseca rumpus will have an impact on Brexit.David Cameron tries to extricate himself but in 2013 said the Guardian he explained to a G8 summit that you cannot amalgamate trusts and ccompanies.At this time the EU wanted to investigate and legiferate on Trusts in a ruthless way

There is a legal challenge being mounted in the High Court on the exclusion of 15yr plus UK expatriates.

We also need to get far more expatriates who are eligible to vot to register & vote. only 110,000 did so for the General Election, out of the 2.5 million plus that is pretty pathetic.

Details of the state of play on the judicial review can be found here

Ah yes --- David Cameron. Would you buy a used car from that man ?

But that is NOT the issue.

Should the UK Remain in the EU is the question in the Referendum, not whether we like the current UK government or not.

I agree. However Mr Cameron seems to be the de-facto leader of the Remain campaign. The PM urges us to vote Remain, and thus it is reasonable to ask ourselves as to whether what he says can be relied upon as being true. So let us consider some recent events such as authorising the Chancellor to present a budget in which money is taken from the sick and disabled in order to fund tax cuts for those in the 40% bracket. Was this a good idea ? Did it show good judgement of the situation ? Well the Chancellor had to go back to Parliament and withdraw the welfare cut in order to get the Budget passed, so I would say that the PM's judgement was flawed on that occassion.

Then there is the matter of the PM going off to Brussels to renegotiate terms for EU membership and coming back with his demands very greatly watered down, and even then we discover that the much trumpeted 'emergency brake' can only be used with the permission of the majority of the other EU states. Is this really the 'success' that the PM claims it to be ?

Then there is the Blairmore Holdings affair. Seems like the PM has been somewhat reluctant to admit the whole truth of the matter. Eventually he admits to having been a shareholder after days of obviously deliberate obfuscation. Is this the action of an open, honest, and trustworthy man ?

So then, should we all rush out to follow the PMs lead when he asks us to vote Remain ? Do we trust him to be really telling us what is good for the long term future of the country as a whole, or is it perhaps good only for certain sections of our people such as those who run big business ?

It's a matter of trust, and so I think that the question of 'Would you buy a used car from this man ?' is a reasonable one to pose in the circumstances.

"It's a matter of trust, and so I think that the question of 'Would you buy a used car from this man ?' is a reasonable one to pose in the circumstances."

Your post could apply to ANY politician, why pick on Cameron ?

I'm on the fence on whether to stay or leave and i'm not that naiive to believe any one politician is more trustworthy than any other. We should therefore, assume all politicians are honest or indeed crooked.We have to take in the facts presented and form an opinion accordingly. This isn't about Cameron or Boris, that's for another day...

Its an issue for the people to decide but a difficult decision with all these parameters to add on. The PM opinion is irrelevant.

i always thought the interests of business are best served there. There are so many lobbies camping on the premises. The philosophy is what is good for business is good for the people.

It looks like Brussels turned a blind eye to all sweetheart deals sought for by Luxemburg. Obviously Junker was the star there. He should have resigned then. Now he is backpedalling but it is too late.

Cameron is an archangel in comparison wirh

Why do you assume all expats want to vote to stay in the EU ?

Peter, I guess that it's a bit like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas asking expats to vote yes to brexit (or rather no, as it were, to stay in the EU).

I personally don't like Cameron who I regard as arrogant in the extreme but I won't let that colour my judgement about the way I will vote in the upcoming referendum.

Having Cameron and Osborne championing staying in does the campaign no favours, but then when I look at the Brexit mob: Johnson, Duncan-Smith, Grayling, Gove, Farrage... need I say more? How can we get the public to look at the facts and issues rather than the bilge being spewed out by the popular media and certain cynical politicians?

I quite like Farrage on Utube when he made Juncker wince on the Luxleak affair. Marine le Pen had a go too. The rest closed ranks when the stink was revealed.

The problem with the EU is cover up