Voting in elections in France with Titre De Sejour


I know I now cannot vote in European elections and I can’t vote in Presidential elections and élections départementale but can I still vote in local elections?

No. You can’t.

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Right. Thought so.

Thus Brexit has stopped me having the vote in 2 elections.

Only vote I have is for UK MPs now…and the odd UK referendum.

Pay social charges and tax in France without any political representation at all. Feels perverse to me.

It’s a bit more galling as France citizens with ‘settled status’ in the UK can vote in various local elections there.

It is galling, but I believe you’ll find that France changed its own rules in order to allow European French Residents the right to vote in French elections. So there we were, voting in France quite happily.

Unfortunately, once UK left Europe that wrecked our voting rights.
Ah well, that’s one of the benefits which Brexit bestowed on us … :roll_eyes:

someone will correct me if I have misunderstood how this played out…

It’s a form of gerrymandering isn’t it. The technical word is disenfranchisement. Peeps (rightly) complain about minorities being denied the vote in certain US states for spurious reasons. No tax without representation! :wink:

not sure which direction you are coming from… are you blaming France or UK ???

Since Brexit the UK have negotiated reciprocal voting arrangements with several EU countries.