Votre déclaration... comporte des incohérences.. 😱

… et ne peut pas être traitee tel que…

So I’m off to the bureau tomorrow to sort it out (I hope) although I have visions of a grey van with barred windows parked nearby… :grinning:

I used every possible resource to do the Declaration on line, including crystal clear stuff on SFN, on-line guides and simulators etc etc but obviously SNAFUed somewhere, maybe my maths, or my conversion rates were adrift?

I shall find out tomorrow. Otherwise j’suis fichu :money_mouth_face::grimacing:

Isn’t it a BH tomorrow (Monday) Peter… Pentecôte

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Thanks, Graham, I’ll check that out. You’ve saved me a wasted journey :+1:

You’re not the only one Peter… :wink:

I was at the Doc on Friday, when I took a call from my Mairie… Can you come in on Tuesday, blah, blah, blah… Look, says I… I can’t talk now and I can’t hear you properly, so I’ll pop in on Monday to discuss… yikes… the strangled screech (from our normally gentle Secrétaire) told me in no uncertain terms that I would be standing outside a closed door… all on my own-some… on Monday… :laughing::roll_eyes::thinking:

Dude, they will come to your house and arrest you. Come to Switzerland and call UBS bank !

Too late, Maxime! House surrounded, helicopters hovering, roads blocked in all directions, fonctionnaire in local bureau has told France Bleu “Ne vous inquiétez pas, mes ciseaux de castration sont prêts à l’emploi…!”

All is lost! Perhaps not quite all, those ciseaux… :scream:

The fonctionnaire really does keep several scissors, depending in the stringiness and toughness of the errant taxpayers revenus :joy:

Don’t panic Peter I have some good recipes for those bits that will be shorn :rofl::scissors::scissors::scissors:

Couilles en croûte ! Nyom nyom… :stuck_out_tongue:

A few more ideas here for you Peter, almost makes having the ‘snip’ worthwhile :wink:

Just realised its Club Chef Simon ! Maybe Simonflys could be involved :slight_smile:

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… maybe @anon88888878 is involved…:scream:

Now you’re really scaring me, Ann… :imp::nauseated_face:

Rognons Blancs… sounds delicious …

Considering the number of relaxed, neighbourhood meals, we attend… where the local produce (whatever) is always used… I suspect we have probably eaten them and never realized what they were… :relaxed::wink:

If you have seen amourettes (d’agneau, usually) on a menu, those were testicles. There is also a thing you get from the charcutier called amourette but that is something else.

For many of our neighbourhood meals… there is no menu… just dish after dish after delicious dish… interspersed with alcohol (in moderation of course)… hic :relaxed:

But thanks for the info… I shall keep my eyes open… wide… :upside_down_face:

Actually, @vero … can you help with vignette Coiffe (?) de Porc…

it looked delicious in the deli… I bought a large slice which lasted me a couple of days…very tasty. The lady said it was made using the head…but it had large meaty chunks in the delicious jelly…so not brains… it costs 14 euro a kilo so not cheap.

Mais c’est dégueulasse !

Terrine of Tête de Veau - indescribable!

:upside_down_face::relaxed::money_mouth_face: you wimps… coiffe de porc… it looked and tasted delicious… :relaxed::relaxed::hugs:

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@vero suggests that there is a thing that is available at “the charcutier called amourette” but that it is “something else” (one’s imagination is certainly piqued)…may one ask if is this a particular charcutier called amourette who offers this, or are do all charcutiers have the same intriguing disposition? :zap:

It is all the picky bits left when you boil up and peel a pig’s head, stuck together, potted. Delicious.