Last year, for my six month stay, I used Tunnel bear as my VPN. This year a number of channels (mainly on 4) are being blocked. I've contacted Tunnelbear for advice and they suggested I go on forums to see if any one else has a solution. Has anyone had the same problem, a solution to the problem or a better VPN? I know of film on But I don't think you can use that for catch up?

I use Hola, but channel 4 is blocked on that too, now

I use Hola and, if you use google - dotvpn both are free and easy to download. Good luck

i tend to watch catchup rather than live streaming, for live when i use it i use media hint which has a 1 week free trial, but if you log out and just mash the keyboard with @gmail.com at the end in the email box you can sign up for another free trial every week, there is no conformation link, although sometimes c4 does not work, for c4 i use robs sattelite tv and if its on catchup i can usually find it on watchseries.li or similar, although sometimes you need to change the tld to find one with the program you want

Thanks I'll look into all suggestions or just stick with live tv via filmon! Disappointing that it is so difficult this year.

I don't bother with a VPN, I get my internet via Satellite & took a UK IP addy , clears up all the problems in one go.... :-)

iPlayer, > the Lot...

And itsWaaaay fast enough to stream live tv...

Infact it's So quick the Mayor came up to discuss putting It In the School next door to benefit the Teachers & kids & so he can piggy back the Wi-Fi...

We have used several but currently use UnoTelly in both France and Cyprus which is cheap if you take advantage of a 2 year deal and works well with few glitches. The problems are nearly all due to broadband speeds or fluctuating bandwidth in peak times.

I use UnoTelly too. It is a smart DNS rather than a VPN so it's faster bacause it doesn't create a tunnel but just uses different IP addresses in your device settings. I find Unotelly excellent and if you take a little time to understand it you'll find really useful stuff like being able to change your Netflix country and get different content. It's well worth taking a look at.

We use Unlocator DNS on our TP Link router (attached to Freebox). Occasionally use their VPN too. Smart TV is linked to router so all uk apps work.

Andy this sounds good , who did you use for your satellite internet contract and how do costs compare? Thank you

The UK TV apps... BBC iPlayer, All4, etc have all been updated to deal with latest iOS updates, so you need to download the latest version from the UK app store.

I read somewhere that for All4 to play live programmes you need to change the time zone, maybe region too, on the divice to UK time.

FilmOn does not give catch-up, as they 'capture from air', but if you use their subscription service, you get HD and can record programmes on their servers to play later.

You lose bandwidth with VPN, so depending on your DSL service, this may be the cause of your loss of streaming if the streamer is sending an HD programme. You may be better off with a geoblocker, like Unlocator, where there is no loss of bandwidth, but it only hides your location for TV services and is not secure for emails or other web browsing if you want that.

The various providers of streaming content, like Netflix and some TV companies have started a deliberate campaign to prevent consumers accessing outside of territory via VPN and geoblockers, because of copyright issues.

There is going to be disruption for a while ahead until either they are victorious or find it impossible to outsmart the VPN and geoblocker companies and give up.

If you are normally resident in the UK/have UK address, you could try Now TV with geoblocker service. I don't have one but a friend tells me this works OK.

Bonne télé.

I've been thinking of satellite for my internet but, what I've found up to now seems to be quite expensive. Can I ask where you got yours from? Cheers


i hate streaming throught he computer for sports channels does the systmes discusssed allow you to get sky sports bt etc

I set up my own VPN last week, renting a VPS server from OVH.com. It's €3.60 per month but they had a special offer of -35% for the first 12 months.

Just use FILMON.COM get all the UK Tv channels (plus more) and no need for VPN.
Also in case you have not found out BBC plan to make i-player like Amazon & Netflix etc., charging £145.00 pa !!

HideMyAss does me fine, streaming isn't ideal and it occasionally takes several server changes before iPlayer accepts me. Otherwise I download torrents if I can and of course straightforward freeview by satellite. For me satellite internet would not work, I need to remote onto other computers and the satellite lag time makes that unusable.

I use VPNONECLICK...it's costs £7.99 for a year and you can have it on two devices, works brilliantly in France and when we were in st. Lucia it worked very well.

Instead of torrents you might get a better result by going direct to "Parent directories"
eg:- use...

"parent directory" S01E01"the night manager"

you can replace series name, Series number,Episode number as required, but make sure

you type exactly as my example....

For BT and Sky Sports you need a subscription because these are encryted. If you are trying to view these you need a satellite link and box with paid card connected to a TV where ever you are, and if you are in Europe you need to be within the Astra satellite footprint, which stops about half way down France.

I think (I have no direct experience) Now TV can include various encrypted services, but Now TV is a streaming service. The Now TV box connects to your TV set by cable and receives the signal from your modem/router by WiFi, or perhaps you can hard wire it using Enthernet cable.

The things being discussed above are 'free to air' broadcasts via Internet, or paid services such as Hula or Netflix, Amazon Premium which have TV series, movies, documetaries, but not sports. These can be viewed on computers/mobiles, or viewed via a computer device using an HDMI cable from computer/device to a TV set, or cast by Chromecast and Apple TV (hardwired to TV set) receiving WiFi signals from a modem/router connected to the Internet to a TV set.