Sent Taunya...

or connect to a site like:-


with a good virus protector / ad blocker

always able to watch Sky F1 via this....

Can you get Channel 4 channels through VPN one click in France?

INteresting, thts new to me i'd been just using torrent as a key word instead of parent directories. What's the story with "parent directories" then? What are they?

I think you'll find the "parent directory" takes you to the raw entry (base level) of where the files

are stored on the net....
Masses on there and quick to download

Ive just changed the time back to UK time and can now watch all channels so thankyou very much for this hint. I will probably now stick with tunnel bear on the basis I find it easy and thought I was reasonably tech savvy until reading some of the posts on here which make me feel like a novice.

Hi. I am buying a house in Correze and heard the Astra satellite was full. Who is your supplier? Thanks