I would like to put VPN on my computer so I can get english tv etc but I am conected via WI FI to my husbands computer.should the system be on my computer or his. PC?? I am a bit confused

Maybe Google was broken? http://www.google.fr/search?q=tvexpat

It's on number one: tvexpat.eu

how do I get tvexpat ? sounds interesting .tryed to google nothing came up!!

Hi, Jane,

Even though I'm Dutch I like BBC so much I pay for TVexpat on my computer. It is a 15 euro a month subscription that routes my signal through a (VPN) proxy server in the UK. This makes the BBC iPlayer believe I'm a local. You don't get everything, but a lot. My favourite is 'Have I got news for you'. Four of those a month is worth the 15 euro's already!


steve, if you are interested in reading the HADOPI email that was sent to me last week I will need your email adress

Should have married you instead!!! The day I get a christmas present I will die of shock ipad or no ipad.

Hi Jane,

The normal BBC iPlayer TV service is not, as you have found out, available to computers appearing to be outside the UK (you can get radio, though). There is a separate iPlayer Global service available only on the Apple iPad when an application is downloaded to it from the Apple app store.

Unless ton petit chou chou also has an irrational fear of Apple and the Gospel according to St Jobs, as well as satellite dishes, buying you an iPad for Christmas would stop you messing with his computer - the latest iPad operating system allows autonomous download and back-up of applications and data without the need for a host computer. Tell him you can get extra-delicious French recipes on it and prop the iPad on the kitchen bench while he cooks them for you and demonstrates that French mecs really are sensitive new-age guys...

or maybe not!



@Jane I’ll leave others to reply re the iPlayer app as I don’t want to go anywhere near iTunes to try it but whether or not Sarko gets in again won’t affect the BBC’s policy of not letting people outside of the UK watch UK progs. A proxy server running on your PC should work but as others have said, its legality will be iffy.

the iplayer service doesn't yet seem available as I went onto bbc and it stated that it was only available inside the u.k. The thing is that I use internet via my husbands pc with wi fi and he being french is very anti pinching programs from other countries especially england!!!So the proxy server would have to be on his computer no? No question of a satellite dish as he hates them and his computer is for his work only an he is is so afraid of the law!!! poor lamb!! any way I will have to wait for the the elections next year and Sarkozy,who invented this stupid law, will have to GO but will Holland change things? not so sure sorry no politics on this blog

Hi Jane, I have posted in the discussions how to do this using a proxy server. However as Ian rightly points out, there is now an iplayer service you can get and pay for.Another route you could go down if you want to watch all of these TV programs is to get yourself a freeview box and satellite dish. The initial cost will soon be out weighed by the monthly cost of the global iplayer, just a thought.

yes I was using uk nova and The box which of course you have to leave on computer once downloaded so that other people can leech on .Its part of the deal and if you follow their rules they remove you from the "club" so to speak.It was brilliant while it lasted as I was able to get sky itv channel 4 and bbc programs the following day and why I was caught I don't know what their problem is as nothing was available which would be sold on dvd .But I suppose programs like spooks is on dvd at the end of each series

Didn't know about that Ian, thanks for the info, Hope it helps Jane. (My religion forbids the use of iProducts and we have a dish in any case)

>I don't think the BBC offer any sort of subscription service to people outside of the UK yet.

There's a BBC iPlayer app (Global) for the iPad which is a subscription service, but it's worth downloading since there is a fair amount of free content. If you want to subscribe you only get BBC for a cost that is of the same order as a Virtual Private Network, which will give you the other services like ITV Home and Demand 5 but is of suspect legality.


 Ian G

I don't think the BBC offer any sort of subscription service to people outside of the UK yet. I think they are talking about some sort of paid subscription to the IPlayer being introduced but I have no idea of the timescale, you could always ask them.

Were you using a Proxy service to get the BBC progs or were you downloading them from some sort of file sharing network ?

no the problem is yhat I have just been caught by HADOPI downloading BBC and ITV so I"ve had to stop!! It was great for me to watchgardeners world downton abbey etc .anyway I want to know if its possible to get a monthly subscrip.of sorts to watch or download ligally british t.v. without putting up a sarellite dish which hubby doesn't want .As I said above I'm connected to my husbands computer with wi fi and he was the one who got the Hadopi warning which screamed at me as he needs internet for more serious things and being french doesn't give a damn about english t.v.!!

Do you really mean VPN or are you talking about some sort of proxy service that will make it look like you are in the UK ?

I presume when you say you are connected via WiFi to your husband's PC that this allows you access to the Internet ?

If the Proxy software (eg Expat Shield) is on your PC then you should be to watch the BBC etc. If it runs on his PC, it may work but I don't know exactly how you are connecting to his PC