VTA tax on renovation works

Can someone please inform me VTA charges on renovation work. I have been told it is normally 20% but 10% VTA on other goods. and sometimes lower charges.

Hi Peter

TVA at 10 % is for a renovation work (no new room or swimming pool) in a property older than 2 years. Your contractor will ask you to fill a form to certify that as well as other elements like the fact that your renovation does not impact more than 5 elements (floor, walls, etc.).

Some goods are taxed at 10 % when purchased (by the contractor, not yourself. This VAT reduction is aimed at combatting "black work") for renovation.

- windows and doors

- Heating and AC

- Sanitary wares

-Security & safety installations (smoke detectors, alarms, etc).

Some renovation work for energy saving purpose are TVA taxed at a lower level : 5.5 %

Hope it will help.


Thank you