Waiting to see what they find on Mars

I cant help feeling $1 billion could have gone to better causes.

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I agree, bones, whilst still hoping that some future astronaut will return with the solution to world conflicts, to injustice, oppression and exploitation in all its forms, and à formula for lasting peace and cooperation in every part of our world, and for all ages.

It’s a long shot, I know, but those Martians had to be good at something other than/as well as long straight canals and caramel-and-fudge bars dipped in chocolate…

I’m excited at the technology they are using - space projects have given us all kinds of useful technologies including advances in robotic limbs and artificial muscles, fire resistant chemicals, solar heating and energy harvesting to name just a few. I’m not sure what NASA would do if they actually encountered other life forms and that’s the stuff of action and horror movies, I think. But the groundbreaking technology it has developed for this mission will eventually filter down to (hopefully) help us in our daily lives.