Walking the Dog

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Anyone having trouble walking their dogs. Here are some tips from a site I found on the internet. Can't take any credit for this, it is their information not mine.



Our Berger blanc swisse is a joy to walk off the lead, walking with us and always coming in recall, but put him on a lead and he pulls we have a halti but he knows to put his head on the ground and pull back, so he can remove it… Which makes walking him in town a real challenge, any ideas greatfully received.

Yes......We have two lovely labradors. The older girl is nearly 7 and her younger sister is 3. They both will pull unless I sound incredibly cross and even then need a lot of reminding. And, I can forget it if a cat or other interesting creature happens to come by.

The younger dog had some training from a professional as did I and she was fantatstic immediately, walking to heel on and off lead when he was there even past a flock of sheep! She has never repeated her teacher's pet routine with me.

Sandy, tried that but my great big long haired GSD defeated that. After I bought him in Wales, I booked a place at a specialist school that does police dogs. Worked superbly. Then I had a few longish trips away with work and my OH took over each time and the word "Heel" became obscure, etc. So at great expense he was untaught a whole year's worth of lessons by somebody who let him get away with anything. Like most GSDs he is an 'intelligent' dog and realised that, in his terms, there was a better way and whilst four years on he now obeys nominally, any excuse and he doesn't. At six he is young enough to win back BUT I go away occassionally and, ah forget it. We have a collie-pointer cross who is coming up to 10 months and I have been trying to train. All the words work, she heels, does back, stop, sit, down, stay. Unless I turn my back. She really is one of my brighter ever dogs, learning to use door handles to get in and out of rooms or the house by five months, knows whether it is the baker or post by the direction they come from and gives the post a bad time and the baker a lick (gets a snack). I have always had dogs, well at least my parents did when I was young and I have seldom been without, probably never more than half a year since the 80s and even then whilst I worked in Peru I had some handers-on who I treated as my own. So I have tried halties and their ilk and, as you say, they are not nice. Walking belts and tracking harness for a 74k man with a four legged 42k dog don't work mate... He runs, it is wet, yuk and ouch. A jerky pull and a mouthful of soil (shog dit if one has been there already is imaginable). So I love with the pulling, growl growlier than he can and cajole good behaviou out of him. With the young one making up even more of my weight my growls are becoming more ferocious, swear words prfaner and I am just still winning. For all of that, had so many dogs that pull that my right wrist takes just about anything, so don't give a toss much any longer anyway. Training, if it works is brill but sometimes nothing does, so just love your dogs and live with it.

Will try to get it again for you Carol... Gina X

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