Walnut tree

Have a problem that I hope some of you can help with?

We have a beautiful, massive walnut tree in the centre of our garden of the house we have just purchased in Deux-Sevres. Problem is, our 17 year-old daughter has a severe allergy to nuts (anaphylaxis) and the only solution is to take down the tree. Is it possible to go ahead and do this or are walnut trees protected in some way?

I do hope someone will be able to give advice on this, as it will be a big worry off my mind.

Thank you,


Just zoomed in on the map and we’re almost neighbours!

Good luck! You’ll find there is always lots of work to do on houses in France, hope you have a good August. Where in Deux Sevres are you?

Andrea I think your best bet would be to speak to someone at your local Mairie - they seem to know everything! We too are in Deux Sevres and also have 2 lovely old walnut trees, as do a lot of the neighbours, so am guessing they were planted to provide nuts for the family, so it shouldn’t be an issue, but your Mairie should be able to confirm this. Good luck.