Wanted - country style walking stick

I am looking to find a shop in France that sells country-style walking sticks. I need a very stout stick, heavy and not polished if you get what I mean. There are several online sites in the UK selling suchlike but they are very expensive (up to £50 for the kind I’d like and the postage cost to here is about £20) I also need to buy one in person as the handle needs to fit my hand properly and the length and feel are important too. Has anyone ever come across a shop likely to stock a stick like that? A camping shop, maybe? I’m in Charente Maritime. Thank you.

I have a couple of walking sticks, I can send you measurements & pictures tomorrow. I am in 17.

Do you not know anyone with a good hazel hedge?

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Thank you, Peter. Photos and lengths would be much appreciated. kitwells@orange.fr

Thank you, Jane but I’m looking for an ash plant. I’ve seen one or two possibilities in hedges locally. Sadly, I don’t own the hedges!