Wanted for 3 days work hanging gates and fencing

Hi a friend is after a strong person to give a hand with fencing and hanging gates for approx 3 days work - postcode 16270. Urgently needed between now and 13/7/16

please contact me with daily rates and I'll put you in touch with them asap

Has your friend managed to get help? I am new to this site, but have just read your posting. My son has arrived in France to live last week, and has just applied for a Siret number to work here. He is a strong 24 year old, looking to work. He has a car, and is happy to travel, for this job, or any other suitable work.

Thank you


Hi Vicki - she did BUT I work on self employed bais helping expats with
various things from phone problems to calls with RSI etc and from time to
time we have clients needing people to do this kind of work…what work
exactly is he looking for? handyman type work? where is he based and what
areas will he be covering? If it’s ok I’ll keep your email and will contact
you if we have anyone who needs his services; best wishes Carolyn

Hi Ron

That would be absolutely brilliant. I am very grateful.

His details are:
Thomas Robathan
14 Rue du Bois
Village Le Chat
16620 Charente
05 45 21 31 60

He has a small 4 x 4 with tow hitch and small trailer. His university
education was Physics and computer science.

He is happy to do any odd jobs he can, including help with computers (as
that was his original training).

He will travel a radius of around 50 kilometers from home, although will
charge for the appropriate mileage. He is happy to work for around 12€ an
hour, but is always open to negotiation.

For the past year he has been working in UK for Mitchell & Butlers, both
behind the bar, and as their chef (hardly cordon blue).

When he gets his siret number, I will be more than happy to send you a copy
of his business card. Although he will do whatever he can from now onwards.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards

*Vicki Foley *

That’s fine - I’ll hang onto his details just in case I can put something
his way - best wishes Carolyn

Hi Vicky,

I have tried to contact Tom for odd jobs around my House, but I did not get a reply on my email or telephone. Is Tom not available any more ?

Cheers, Hans

Hi I am also looking for any kind of work and i am fully experienced in all aspects of building and maintenance. Settled in Champagne mouton. but can travel


Sorry, but I have no idea why you have not had a response. The telephone
number on the previous correspondence is, indeed, my house phone…and
working fine. Tom is still here, loves it, and will never return to live in
UK. His business is picking up quite well, thank you, but I am sure he
would be happy to work for you. I have taken the liberty of attaching his
current flyer to this email. It contains his email and mobile number, but
you are also welcome to call the house number, or email me.

Look forward to hearing from you in due course…we will be away over
Christmas, but I’m sure Tom will be happy to speak to you as soon as you

Take care

Kind Regards

*Vicki Foley *

Hi Vicky,


I have sent as attachements the email (and a printscreen in case you cannot read the email) I sent to Tom, I think I have used the right address ?

Nevertheless I will phone Tom tomorrow to make an appointment so he can get over to my place and see what should be done in the house/garden/swimming pool.

Have a nice Sunday !

Cheers, Hans

Thank you very much. I am really sorry, but I have no idea why you have not
had any response…I can only say I am very sorry. Please call him on the
landline or his mobile…you are also welcome to my mobile number which
is: 0635956660. Although, I will confess that I always answer the house
phone, but often neglect my mobile (left in another room, or out of charge).

Thank you. Take care.

Kind Regards

*Vicki Foley *

Hi Vicki,

No big deal, I will call him tomorrow.

I “have” to confess that my mobile is mostly on silent mode, so calling me will give the voicemail (in French) and Dutch friends who call me still have some hesitations to speak to a French voicemail.

Take care !



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