Wanted - furniture collection

Looking for van transport (insured and with siret) as IKEA Bordeaux cannot deliver to North Charente.
Any recommendations, please. Thank you

Would you not rent a van from one of the supermarkets yourself? They have a range of sizes to choose from.

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I think Ikea itself had van hire

Does that IKEA not offer delivery to a relais point somewhere nearer to you?

The Toulouse branch delivers to an agricultural supply store in Montauban, for example.

Thank you, John, have done this previously.

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Thanks, Jane, but on this occasion, I need to go for the easiest/quickest option.

Thanks, but this is not available plus we want delivery direct to home.

Anyvan.fr. Use your wits to weed out the scammers, but I have used them successfully.

Yes Jane, but that involves an extra trip.

Have already contacted them - one devis received and awaiting another 4🤞

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Order direct from Ikea online. It’s what we do. Pretty fast delivery.

Many branches of IKEA are not delivering quite a lot of items since Covid.

And IKEA delivery charges, if having items the branch is willing to offer for delivery, have gone from the uncompetitive to the insane.

I’ve been checking this a few times in UK and France. An additional problem is that like the majority of supermarkets IKEA still seems to restrict the customer to their “local” bricks and mortar branch most of the time.

This means that even if you’d normally buy from a branch as that branch is easier to reach, it’s in an area you have more reason to visit for shopping or feel more comfortable in, or the branch you’d prefer has a better choice of stock… Noooo the online systems of IKEA and mostly of the major supermarkets will allow you to order only what that particular branch, chosen or limited by them based on your postcode, has in their stock range and is prepared to deliver.

Try the major car hire companies.

The supermarket deals absolutely clobber you for mileage but the major car hire firms that have branches with vans are likely to sell you a higher day rate but with decent mileage included. This is likely to work out cheaper.

We seem to be able to select “our” store, as it is easier for us to reach, and that seems to hold for deliveries too. But it is completely bizarre what they will and won’t deliver. I had to do an order for new bedding for the gîte. The quilts were not a problem, nor were cushions. But they wouldn’t deliver the (in stock) pillows! Why?

I say again order direct. They do not deliver from the store like alot of French retailers. I am sure we have not been singled out for special treatment.

And we say again that there are things they won’t deliver! No matter how you order…


I suggest you go online to order. If it is in stock at the main warehouses you will get it. The site will give you availability. The last piece of furniture we ordered online arrived chez nous 3 days later, 2weeks ago. Not from the nearest branch. It is true some smaller things are not for delivery but you dont need a van for them.

Ah well, you believe what you believe. I have been ordering from Ikea in France for many years now, and no matter whether I order online, by phone or by carrier pigeon there are quite sizeable things they won’t deliver. The kitchen for our gîte we could only get two thirds of it delivered.

If something is in stock in Paris, and not in our region, we often can’t get it delivered.


Sorry David not correct.

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Perhaps try IKEA Nantes. I’ve known them deliver to Southern Deux Sevres, so you may be a similar distance ?