WANTED: Language Learning Volunteers (Free Service)

I would be interested, please.

Yes please I’m definatly up for I think intermediates one been here 12 yrs and still struggle helppppopoo thanks

Would love to join in this.

Husband total beginner, I am sort of intermediate, can hold my own with ordinary day to day stuff.

I would love to be involved with this. I am probably an intermediate.

If there is still room, i would be happy to improve my French.

I’m interested please. Not a complete beginner but certainly not intermediate yet. Thanks!

I am in :slight_smile: I am an intermediate in French :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew, I’m also interested. I’ve been struggling to learn French for a few months now. Thank you.

I would like to get involved - thank you.


Would love to try it. We are moving to France in 3 months time. I know a little French but want to know more

Hi, I would like to volunteer please, I’m trying to learn French via duolingo, but this sounds interesting.
Many thanks

Good afternoon,
I am very interested in this course.
We are beginners.

Karin van Dijk
Helma Besseling


yes please i could so do with something to help me

Count me in for volunteering, thanks!

I would be really pleased to participate.

I would like to volunteer - my French is not good and my memory is terrible.

I’d like to have some details on this please.
I speak French quite well as I work here but I need to improve my vocabulary;
Hope to hear from you soon,

yes please i am interested

Hi Andrew,

I would also want to take part please if you have room for me. Thanks