WANTED! Old property to renovate with big land in Creuse/Puy De Dome

We recently sold our renovated Charentaise longere to British buyers and are currently living in the holiday home of some very good British friends. Since July this year we have been making regular trips over to Creuse (23) and Puy De Dome (63) to search for our next property.

This search has so far been fruitless, (16 viewings!!) so I thought we might as well post what we are looking for on here, just in case somebody knows of a property for sale that may suit our needs.

We are pretty certain that we want to be either in the south/east of La Creuse or in the north eastern corner of Puy De Dome (Les Combrailles area).

We are after an old character stone built house with outbuildings and decent land that we can renovate ourselves. We did start out looking at renovated houses, but they don’t offer great value and most have not been renovated that well (or for year round habitation) or in our taste/style. We would rather create something ourselves! (cold sweats thinking of all the work…again!!)

Our criteria is as follows:-

Property located in a quiet and secluded location, with a nice aspect and without immediate neighbours. (prefer not to be in a hamlet) the more secluded the better!!
Barn/outbuildings needed.
Nice land with a good mixture of meadow and woodland/mature trees. Absolute minimum of 1.5 hectares, but preferably more.
Ideally a well or source on land.
Located away from any main roads, preferably on a quiet chemin or dead end.

Maximum budget for a house requiring full renovation up to €100,000 but preferably for less if roof/structure is not good.

Quite a wish list we realise, but not impossible!

Anyway PM me if you can help! Regards Paul

I know of someone selling a property that ticks a lot of your boxes. It’s in Laurenan 22 not sure if that’s near enough to where you want. It’s 8 acres with new land drains across the entire acarage. A stream down one side and across the bottom of the garden, also they have built a small lake, filled by the stream. It has wood land and meadow, Extensive new sewage systems put in this year. There is one house next door but you can’t see it, I thought it was a solitary house, they are a couple of miles from the nearest village. There is an open hanger barn, with two large workshops attached, one garaged his full size JCB. Then an L shaped series’s of buildings enough for a large house and gîtes and more. It’s a beautiful secluded spot 20 mins from Merdrignac, 30 from loudeac. ( these are my estimates it’s owned by an aqaintance but after reader your wish list I thought it may be a possibility for you) I can visualise what it could look like finished, they spent 40k all underground he has two static caravans hooked up to electric and water great for someone renovating, I think it’s a must see. I haven’t asked the price, but most things are negotiable around here aren’t they. If your interested I can send you there details, good luck anyway and if you contacted them direct there would only be notaire fees that would save a lot

Hello Karen

Unfortunately the property you mention is in totally the wrong part of France for us. Department 22 is in Brittany. We are looking in the Massif Central near the mountains. Kind regards Paul and Jackie

Hi paul can’t PM apparently! i have a property for sale in your desired location. it is part renovated, but not finished. you can still see the property in the raw, ie: nothings been covered up!! i have about 3 acres some grazing some woodland. 3 outbuildings. stunning views. there is, however one neighbour. it’s situated on a dead end. As it is not a complete renovation it will be more than 100K. get back to me if you are still looking or interested. many thanks Nikki

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Hello Nikki

Thank you for your email. Yes we are still looking and would be interested
in receiving more information. Wherabouts are you? We have narrowed down
our search to South Creuse now, preferably within the Plateau de
Millevaches Natural Parc area.

How close is your neighbour? If you would be happy to send the exact
location I can look it up on Google Earth/Geoportail. Some pictures would
be good.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards Paul and Jackie