Wanted someone to pick up shopping 65140

Hi, we need some help, housebound lady needs someone to pick up shopping and prescription about every 2 wks. She Lives between Tarbes and Trie Sur Biase. 65140. Can pay for petrol etc

Hi Karen and welcome to the forum.

The folk who do this sort of thing are called … aide au domicile (I think). very easy to set up… whether for long-term or short-term… using cheque d’emploi to pay an hourly rate… everything is straight forward.

The Mairie should be able to provide info to help locate the folk who give this service.

I’m sure someone will chime in with more info.


Depending on the lady’s age and circumstances she may qualify for APA.

Also some Pharmacies do have delivery services for housebound people, check whether hers does.

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