Warning - Fraudulent Tax letters

A warning has been issued by the direction régionale des finances publique, following a surge in fake letters. This scam is similar to many others, using a realistic letterhead and frequently promising a refund to tempt the less wary to give their bank account or credit card details.

A new twist on this scam is a fraudulent letter which appears to be from HMRC, under the guise of "Non-resident landlord scheme – Application to receive UK rental income without deduction of UK tax".

If in doubt, do not ring the phone number given on these letters/emails.

I have received several claiming to be from the HMRC saying I am owed a tax rebate. I just deleted them.

I got one of these tax refund emails a while ago. I just deleted it.

SFR know what addresses are registered to which telephone numbers, don't know why they don't just send 'The Boys'
round there ?

If you're a French resident and taxpayer, you can regulate your taxes online and thus avoid any pitfalls such as these scams. Caution is always advised however, as we're about to receive the 4th quarter payment details for 2012 - by post!