Warning to all Autoentrepreneurs!

Yet another scam is afloat to try and catch the unwary Autoentrepreneur !

There are letters circulating purporting to come from “Répertoire des Sociétés et des Indépendents” and suggesting that you should pay them a handsome sum to join their organisation !

The scam has been made known already at http://independants-tns.fr/forum/attention-au-repertoire-des-societes-et-des-independants-t362.html where you can see an example of the official-looking form ( I received mine today ).

I’m sure most of the AE’s on this site are much too cute to be caught out, but you may want to warn others of this !!

Thanks for posting this! I’m always alerted when they’re asking for money, but it would be so awful to be caught out! :0)