Washing Machine on the First Floor

Hi all,

Our home exchange washing machine has died of old age and its owner has agreed to buy a second hand one to replace it with. However, it is on the first floor, and as we all know, they are very heavy and have sharp corners to damage walls and nice spiral staircases.

Does anyone know of people who will economically move a washing machine upstairs?

Does anyone know of a way of disposing of an old non working washing machine from the upstairs laundry?

Does anyone know of any traps or "gotchas" we should be aware of?



It all happens next week, and all we have to do is watch.

See the bit where Alan says "Problem solved"

I once took a washing machine apart as it was in a room we had built since the machine went in and now it was too big to get out. I used the glass door as a fruit bowl, the drum as a fire pit, the concrete blocks were used in the garden for holding down some tarpaulin and the rest I took to the dump. Just a thought.....does not help with getting the new one up there again!

Hi John,

Thanks very much for the most entertaining video. I will remember that for the future. Once we asked our owner how they expected the second hand washing machine to be carried up the stairs, they suddenly decided to buy a new one and have installation and removal of the old one included. Problem solved.



The machine is light but bulky once the concrete blocks are removed from the inside, not difficult to do.

To make carrying easier try the forearm forklift straps