? Wasps Swarming

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The ? concerns whether they are wasps or bees or something else. The wall of our barn is next to the pool & earlier there was a loud buzzing & they were swarming where the stones have been removed prior to fittind the pillars for a gate for the gates down to the courtyard.

I want them gone & would appreciate some advice about whether I need a professional to do this. I am allergic to stings of any kind-mozzies, nettles & probably these what nots. Have read some of the threads on SFN & Waspinators, pompiers & professionals. I think the Waspinators need to be used prior to the nest being built & suspect they are now they are maybe inside the barn wall.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



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The wasp pic seems to have disappeared so here it is again.

Checked that area of the barn wall where they are & there were only 4 or 5 flying about. I've done some comparisons on the net & ours seems to be quite furry at the front so perhaps a bee. I need to climb up to the first floor of our barn to see if there's a nest there, or might they build it inside the wall I wonder?

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Thought I'd post an update. Managed to find a beekeeper some distance away who came with a home-made bee hoover. He said there was an old nest inside the walls & bees have a sense of smell 3000 times greater than dogs so a splinter group with their queen had found a home from home!

He managed to hoover the queen up & advised us get the pillers & gate done. So a good outcome. Managed to find a local french beekeeper who would not touch them inside a wall & suggested sort of 'enjoy'. However, next to the pool that was not OK.

He is in St Estephe (24) & we had to pay for his time, of course, he also removes wasp & hornet nests. If anyone wants his details please pm me.