Wasted appointments are causing difficulties for patients

Sseems folk book several online, without cancelling the unneeded ones…

@vero can you explain what it’s got to do with rabbits, please
Les généralistes sont loin d’être les seuls à qui l’on pose des lapins.
Oubli ou incivilité, les lapins à répétition laissés aux médecins, provoquent leur ras-le-bol.
(might it be “slurs/complaints”, my brain won’t work)

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Rabbits are well known for hopping off!

Previously about hopping off without paying, and it seems now used just for missing doing something.

Ras-le-bol= p**ssed off.

Apparently that has been a real positive of Doctolib and similar portals as patients behave better and cancel. However I do have sympathy for the patients as with some doctors it can take hours on the phone to get through.


ras-de-bol… I do know… the rabbits evaded me… :rofl: I like rabbits… and now I 'll use them…

depending on circumstances… much stronger words/phrases… have been known to echo round the meeting room/wherever…
swiftly followed by abject apologies when the person notices me…
I generally give a bewildered smile… inferring that I’ve not heard or not understood… sighs of relief and life goes on… :+1:

it does make me smile that folk will often talk in very rude/robust language amongst themselves, yet apologise to a little old English lady… :wink:

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In this update… the threat is to fine the “rabbits” who don’t bother to cancel… hit their wallets… 3euro each time (possibly more)… it will soon add up
and the money can be put towards medical shortages…

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Brilliant. Had to watch it twice as was so transfixed by his facial expressions that I forgot to listen!


I was astounded… he looks just like a pal of ours … sounds like him, too :rofl: :rofl:

I think 25€ would be more appropriate. After all, that is what the patient would have paid if they had turned up for the appointment. Why should the doctor miss out financially just because of a ‘no show’.


3 is what the article mentions and it makes a good starting point… I’d agree with it being higher but it’s got to be voted into place, so who knows…

Me too, but that is exactly what happens to me when Jules takes me to his human education class each week. The lady uses such extremes of expression including rolling eyes and waving arms that I totally miss the point of what she is trying to get me to do with him. When I then misunderstand, the rolling eyes and waving arms indicate something completely different. Frustration. :rofl:

Trouble is that closing my eyes and listening faster would not help as my hearing problem really needs to see faces at the same time. :roll_eyes:

I think Jules thinks I am improving though. :thinking:

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Back to the thread, I have never not fulfilled an appointment, but a doctor has with me. A long awaited (6 months) hearing test in Perigueux last July, booked on the phone by my then doctor while I was in the surgery with her, produced only a 100 km wasted journey because someone had cocked it up and allowed him to go on holiday at the time.

Not only that but the totally unrepentent secretary refused to allow me to book another.

The journey wasn’t the only bad outcome because a friend had agreed to sit with Fran while I was away as she would not remember why I was gone so long and the weather was far too hot for her and the dog to sit in the car and wait while I was being tested.

I now have an appointment in Nontron (only 15 kms) in October, made in person in the office by myself, so fingers crossed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I was thirteen, a long time ago, I was suited and booted as they did in those days, waiting for an appendectomy.
My op was cancelled because the surgeon went off for the first day of Salmon fishing on the River Lune.
I know this because I heard the Ward Sister complaining.

I’ve been waiting to have my tonsills removed… since I was 11 :roll_eyes: :rofl:
but I’m not complaining… :wink:

I had my tonsils and adenoids out when I was four!
I have said that they can’t have any more organs, I need them all!

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