Watch out for Asiatic Frelons

Asiatic Frelons are on the wing at the moment. Don’t disturb them, just keep out of their way if you can.

Our Maire had several stings last week and was very, very poorly. Thankfully, he is OK now - but others have not been so lucky.

Take care everyone.

(I’ve deleted the link 'cos it seems to have thrown a wobbly)

Hi Stella, I’m having trouble with the link… Is it just me, perhaps?

Try this,


Thanks. Works perfectly. Cheers!

Just to mention that our Maire actually got stung 5 times last week. 4 times on the face and once on the hand. Very nasty, but he had antihistamine to hand, which did help. Still looked as if he had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and, even now, is still feeling nasty effects, but at least he is alive !!

He has been checked over by the medics and apart from a suggested head transplant, all is well :wink::upside_down_face: