Watch out for Flu and Gastro.. new alert

Take care everyone… folk are stopping the kissing-hello stuff in my commune… and some won’t even shake hands… it’s quite acceptable to wave a kiss, from afar…:grin:

We had the 'flu jab here in November, and I don’t know how far it has protected us so far, but we haven’t mingled much over the holiday period. One thing I’ve noticed is I’ve had more or less constant mild sniffles and an occasional sneeze since the jab, and itchy eyes, but it may be just a coincidence. I signed up to and get a weekly questionnaire to complete on my state of health, symptoms, medicines taken, medical or pharmacy visits etc.

It’s quite jolly and they award medals and stars for filling in the form, and show statistics to show how many grippe-savvy members have fallen by the wayside, got better or worse, and how symptoms are distributed amongst the afflicted. A bit ghoulish maybe in a nerdy sort of way. Did anyone else sign up? Apparently you pansies in warmer climes down south came off worse than us hardier souls up north. It’s all down to leek, garlic and turnip soup.

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We had the same here at our Meilleurs Voeux on Sunday.
My husband and others have had a severe angine which has left him extremely tired. It has taken more than two weeks so far and okder friends have had it turn into bronchitis.
We also have 'flu and gastro.

Oh dear, Jane… sounds horrible… hope things get better soon…