Watch out for this scam at LECLERC

Hello to all, My wife and I were in LECLERC hypermarket this week and we noticed Heinz baked beans clearly labelled ‘To be sold only in multipack’ offered singly at around £1.00 a tin. This sort of treatment is not acceptable and we are reporting them to Heinz themselves to see if they are interested. B Watling

I will try that as well. Jeni, could you cut and paste this recipe and put in the Food Lovers;s group please?

Sorry Helen too late can you copy it from here?

Umm, it changes according to the stage of the fridge and my pots of herbs, but roughly. Fry onion in olive oil until soft and golden and add garlic, salt, pepper and paprika. I use tons of onion, as I love them. Add chopped bacon (poitrine smoked or other wise or not at all). Add tinned tomatoes, unless you can buy the cheap end of runs from the supermarket. I usually use tins. Once again I use the cheapest (3pack) tins you can buy), Let this simmer to reduce a little, add a little lemon juice, sugar and Mediterranean herbs for flavour. When the mix has thickened, add the beans. You have to reduce the mix because I don’t use thickening agents like Heinz does. This is delicious fresh, and a Heinz baked beaner could recognise the taste …Just. Left overnight it improves as all stews and casseroles do. I hope I haven’t left anything out. I rarely just make it so basic, I’ll throw in courgettes , aubergines and almost always chopped red, yellow or orange peppers (never green, they don’t work somehow) I’ve even added cucumber before now. All the veggies are finely chopped and tend to melt in. The other day, I made some and added the remains of Niall’s barbecues pork ribs, and have frozen it as pork and beans for my cowboy Grandson. :slight_smile: He asked me to make him transformer food the other day. Any suggestions on how I serve up nuts and bolts?

head over to Foodies and I will put it there

sauce recipe please?

I’ve make beans from plain old haricot white one, though I have used butter beans which are just as delicious. I did buy bags of dried beans with the genuine intention of soaking them and cooking them from scratch, but I chucked them out last week as they’d been hiding in the back of the cupboard for a couple of years. (Blushes) I use the cheapest canned beans and use them As long as I make the sauce first, then add the beans at the last minute they are absolutely fine. They freeze brilliantly.

what kind of beans are heinz, type beans anyway if you make your own!? Borlotti?

I make my own and freeze it. It tastes far nicer, much fresher and far too nice to save for toast. :slight_smile: As for the out of date goods. Carrefour is another criminal! Niall bought milk and eggs without looking the other day and both were two or three days past their use by. Ah well I’ve had the same in British supermarkets in the past…

Let us know how you get on with Heinz Brian?

Unfortunately, this is not new. I saw the same thing three or four years ago. Far more worrying are the numbers of items on the shelves that are past their ‘sell by’ dates. No matter how much of a hurry we are to do the shopping we never fail to check the dates. Our record ‘out of date’ so far is a bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice - 10 months!! On returning it (with the receipt!) there was no apology offered and the refund was dropped onto the counter. I thought I was the one at fault!