Watch out!

There I was, tapping away @ the Mac... having just discovered this graphic, which I had done for fun sometime back. At the same time this image appeared on my screen, I overheard a report on Sky news... something about the sales of wrist watches dropping globally, due in principal, to the advent of mobile phones globally. Well you can see that... same thing happened to Paraffin* lamps when 'leccy came in... ( not including you Northerners who rely on wood and dripping )

I wore a gold pocket watch as a teen ( went well with the waistcoat not wishing to be fobbed off on the fashion front ) but I can say with all honesty I haven't had a hand job in years.

Probably got draw full of broken ones, along with a draw full of soddin' phones that don't work, or probably do work, but we can't find the soddin' charger. Probably got a draw full of chargers, but can't find the soddin' drawer.. you know how it is.

Nope, haven't worn one for years, partly 'cos I had a serious rock and roll accident sometime back, nearly lost an arm...the resultiant scarring has left my wrist übersensitive to the touch. Actually, I don't sport any bodily adornments, tatts, hats, catskin mufflers. At best a hint of eye shadow...Oh and my crucifix... for the little baby Jesus.

Of course I did some extensive research before putting finger to key... and came up with this, which I think dictates that in certain areas, quality watches are storming out as investments, fashion statements, or least I think it's what it says, the dweeb had writ a boat road of stats..I got bored.

If anything I'm surprised we're not all wearin' 'the Dan Dare wrist Communicator' I believe there is such a device already in production. Beam me up!

So, Straw Pôle time. I, bereft of fone and tick tock, cannot tell the time without asking a Gendarme... I'm hip about time... I just tell the time by the Sun... or any other newspaper's forecast. I am never late tho'...I have a technique, counting in elephants, One elephant Two...etc. after many years, you learn to count in your head... and find that you are accurate to within a nano second. So if I'm asked "what time is it?" I can say assuredly 'It's 1,074,056,984,083"... get few weird looks!

Well, are you a carrier? carry a sundial? egg timer? check the time on your Siri activated iphone 10s? OK ya? Does time exist... relatively speaking?

Answers on the back of a Rolex please.

The Time Lord

* they don't sell Paraffin in Boots anymore..Why?


Julie, didn't realise you were that far North..I was assuming up France way.

We are coming up to Ilkley and Durham B4 Xmas...just digging out the fleece, and shell suit as I write.

Have fun chopping ( don't go there )

Have a nice day.

ooer it was that Brizol guy...

Yeah, old fones.. it's all relative, we got a bucket load of comms devices, antiques of the future!

I remember we bought a 'mobile' for one of the firm's Photographers in 'Nineteen Hundred and E6 processing' ..he argued that it would be an asset. This was pre-Motorola breeze block with a stick thang...It was a hand set, all buttons and curly wires.. fine but it sat on a charger ( not a big white horsey....but may just have well have have been ) the charger was MASSIVE size of a car battery. HaHa! he had an assistant ( poor sod ) had to lug it everywhere!

See what you mean about the youngsters..In Swedenland,TSK..that'll put yer premiums up. What is the world coming too. Bring back Semaphore flags I say.


'cos it flows out the lace-holes

It's the way I tell 'em

Great read Eugene ( I have left para two for a later stage )

I know what you mean tho' as you know I don't even carry a phone... nowhere to put it on the naturiste beach. ( leave it )

... HTG I didn't realise that J. Lee Colins way the Brizol guy. Have to listen.

Back later

Sin é anois!

Phew, Eugene , still ploughing thru' your second para...

I understand there has been a little precipitation up there?

I say 'up there' with confidence, as down there, down here is Tunisia

note lack of lol or smiley.. Nick Ord aggress that ... that sort of thing takes the edge off the dig.

No offence meant.

not trying to be derisory Julie, but I do notice a difference as I pad out to my Mediterranean 'sea-view' terrace in my Taffeta sleeping shorts, to partake in a crescent roll and freshly squeezed Orange Juice.

I pick upon the morning's chat on SFN, to find anyone North of Agde has just comeback from a morn's logging and goat teat pulling. Not scoffing...just regional observation....

peel me a grape.


Eugene, Francis, Patrick. Murray

Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene..Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugenski!

Dare you are wit yer Gaelic swagger and dulcet tones, hello hello hello. Your comment seems at a glance ... lengthy... interesting no doubt... but longue.

But I might need a coffee before I reply. .. perhaps a light snack.

Maybe a meal. A walk. A short Awayday.... a free cruise!

A Gap year. I may start a new career. Micro brewing in the Andes. But stand on me, I shall return to chew the fat.

Your best gig buddy Ron.

PS please post that vid of you and Ereeeeech for all to wonder at.

Hi Ron! I have the cheapest cell-phone a body could come across. Bought it in London two years ago when the last one committed suicide in a glass of wine: suppose it was the hype of Christmas and me not thinking of other "peoples' " feelings: forgetting to leave the poor old phone strategically placed between the Christmas tree and the stockings so as he could "catch Santie at it". I think, in hindsight, he was suffering from a serious apprehensive depression, concerning being replaced by a "smart phone".

Sent a text to my daughter in the early hours of the morning recently; later heard from my second daughter that, my first daughter: really my second daughter, as she was born last, was woken by the sound of the text arriving. I told him to be quiet: "to tip-toe through the night"; obviously he took no heed, perhaps feeling annoyed at having to work overtime and wanting to get his own back by causing me family problems.

Still: "it's an ill wind that blows no good". I told my second daughter to inform my first daughter that mobiles still function as "alarmists" even when turned off. She looked at me in calm disbelief. She knows I have just joined Facebook, Survive France and Linkin in the last week or so; my cell-phone has no camera, does not (speak)text in French or Swedish, no internet, etc..etc. - I can't keep up with all the aps. That this simple creative, technical fact ("alarmist" ), functions even while asleep): it's the cell-phone I'm talking about now, not the poor-bugger who has to get up in the morning, had escaped both my daughters, who are my technical and cyber-space mentors, caused serious doubts in my mind as to wheather I should continue to use their services. Well! hopefully I have improved their lot, they can sleep securely without being disturbed and I, unless my pattenns change, may continue to send my messanger on odd-jobs in the wee hours of the morning.

My phone has been my wake-up call for many a year now. He's my watch, my "one-and-only" phone, my deliverer of amorous texts in French after hours of trying to piece the letters together. It's caused a lot of frustation this trying to piece letters together when the phone doesn't have the language, but it has taught me that I possess more patience than anyone I know. A short anecdote to finish this "wanderly wagon" of a reply. On Swedish text tv last week or thereabouts, there was a short item of news concering mobiles: it seems that many "young people are having their phones stolen or damaged just before the latest new phones appear on the market. Why? - to get insurance money and buy a new phone, cheeky buggers!

Sin é anois!

Opacity, Barbara is one of my 50 shades of Grey.

anyway I'm mental


What on earth would a sick person be doing with a hoola hoop or a bow

an arrow?

Ron you are almost as opaque as I am....that is very dangerous.

agreed Valerie.. not a lot you can do in a hospital ward with a hoola hoop or a bow and arrow...

( unless you're Brian )

sorry the fist link doesn't work...and on trying to edit it it's all in Mekon

As many of my Blog followers know I research my comments in the finest detail... So as usual I have dredged the web for links to give providence to this thread.

This is quite slick as a 'digital designer version' wristwatch concepts

and these... there are some real mofos here

There's even one of those hi-tech Japanese Gary Glitters, you know, all music and jet streams...which has an integrated communications console...that's what raw fish does to 'ya


True, so true. But then other modern 'toys' can be invaluable such as the PSP - airports, doctors' waiting rooms and several days' stay in hospital, wouldn't be without it.

oh ha-di-ha-di-ha!

That set of Mattel Hot wheels, was for an experiment in aerodynamics!

yes Valerie, the cheapie wrist watch ( note to self..must stop saying job ) Bane of the planet.. they're must be more Lithium in landfill than I carry in my liver!

Those new fangle danglers can scan a QS code from 20 paces....can't do that with a Timex...but how often do you see people on a train playing 'snakes' ( Angry birds? I have just been informed ) when the whole of the beautiful French countryside is whizzing past? Huh? Huh Val?